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Workouts - The Last Round

Here's's breakdown of the prospects:


Who is he? 6-7 Sophomore Forward from Memphis.

Last Year: Averaged 14.5 points and 5.8 rebounds in 16 games for the Tigers.

What Can He Do? Banks has been compared by many to Stephen Jackson. Like Jackson, he's a great scorer, extremely athletic and can rebound the ball as well from the swingman position. The former John Calipari pupil was one of the standout players at this year's pre-draft camp and could be a late first round pick based on potential. However, the comparison to Stephen Jackson also exists based on Banks' attitude and off-court issues. Banks' has a rap sheet longer then Manute Bol's arms and he was eventually suspended by Memphis for the second half of his sophomore season.

The Bottom Line: As mentioned, on talent alone, Banks belongs in the first round of the draft. However, his stock will probably never fly that high based on his maturity and attitude problems. While some team in the second round is bound to take a fligher on him, it's hard to see him being a good fit for the Raptors . Considering the team's issues last season, the Raptors should probably leave Banks for the Portland's of the NBA as this is the same player who was criticized by Memphis personnel for poor practice habits and who actually fought one of his former Memphis teammates.

Who Is He? 6-8 Senior Forward from New Mexico.

Last Year: Averaged 18.8 points and 8.9 assists along with 2 blocks a game for New Mexico. Granger was the only player in college basketball to average over 18 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks a game last year.

What Can He Do: A bit of everything. We've discussed Granger ad nauseum here at Rapshq and is perhaps our favourite prospect for the Raptors at the 7 spot. Granger has drawn comparisons to Shawn Marion and Eddie Griffin and while not quite as athletic (one of his few minor drawbacks), Granger is a tremendous defender and has shown to be more athletic then first suspected in pre-draft testing and team workouts.

The Bottom Line: Right now Granger appears to be the 6th or 7th best prospect in the draft. The Raptors could use just about everything from him, from defence to offence and getting him with the 7th pick would be a big step in the right direction for the team.

Who Is He? 6-8 Sophomore Forward from Missouri.

Last Year: Averaged 16.1 points and 7.6 rebounds in 33 games. Was the team's leading scorer and rebounder.

What Can He Do? Kleiza is one of the increasing number of European players heading overseas to play Division I basketball in the U.S. Starring for Missouri, Kleiza is not your typical European finesse fact, this hard nosed player embraces contact and doesn't back down. Kleiza played post and sometimes center for the Tigers but can be a matchup nightmare for opposing players due to his excellent passing skills, good first step and ability to knock down the outside shot. His big soft hands combined with his toughness give him an edge on the glass as well where he is a good rebounder.

The Bottom Line: Aaaah, the dreaded "Tweener" label. This will be Kleiza's main problem in transferring his game to the NBA. He lacks the explosiveness needed at SF and is undersized at the PF position. In addition, he can be prone to foul trouble due to his lack of lateral speed and therefore he'll have his work cut out for him defensively at times. However, we saw what the Raptors did last year with a similar player in Matt Bonner and therefore this might be a late second round steal.

Who is he? 6-7 Junior Forward from Louisiana Lafayette.

Last Year: Averaged 20.3 points and 6.1 rebounds in 31 games for the Ragin' Cajuns. Named MVP of the Sun Belt conference tournament after scoring a record 82 points in 3 games. Helped his team almost upset eventual Final Four bound Louisville in NCAA tournament.

What Can He Do? Wade can score with the best of them. At 6-7 he's got great size for the SG position in the NBA and has an effortless, quick release shot that should be among the best in the NBA. All in all he has many offensive weapons and now has the strength to slash to the basket. Defensively he needs some work as do most great offensive-minded 2 guards, and his athleticism is not off the charts by any means.

The Bottom Line: Wade would be a steal for the Raptors in the late second round and maybe even be considered with their first second round choice. His shooting ability alone will garner attention for a team that can always use help in that department. In addition, Wade has the reputation much like Julius Hodge, as being a tireless worker who always puts out maximum effort; two other attributes sought by this organization without a doubt.


Who Is He? 6-11 Forward from Pallacanestro Reggiana.

Last Year: Averaged 11.2 points and just under 5 rebounds in 27 minutes a game.

What Can He Do? Gigli has been on scouts radars for a while now. He helped lead an overachieving squad to the finals of the Italian Cup this past season and for a change, is an international prospect who actually plays starters minutes. This has his maturity and basketball IQ much higher then most of this year's draft prospects. On court, he's an athletic big who excels in offensive rebounding due to his quickness and who can finish around the rim with both hands.

The Bottom Line: Gigli is another player trying to shed the dreaded "tweener" label. Once in the league, he'll definitely need to go on the Ben Wallace workout and diet program as he's not strong enough to defend the NBA's bigger post players. On top of this, he's not a good enough ball handler to play outside and therefore must improve in one of these two areas to solidify a spot for himself in the league. He might be worth a look by the Raptors in the late second round however as a player they could leave overseas to continue his development.

Who Is He? 7 foot Polish Forward/Center for RheinEnergie Koln (Germany)

Last Year: Averaged 5.2 points and 3.8 rebounds for his team in 29 games. Has only been playing basketball for a couple years but won the Reebok camp in Treviso's dunk contest in 2004.

What Can He Do? Gortat was one of the players who took me by surprise the most at the Chicago pre-draft camp. He's somewhat of an unknown player since he's only been playing ball for a couple years. But at the pre-draft camp he consistently rebounded, blocked shots and scored when he was in the game and measured as a legit 7 footer in shoes. While he has little of an offensive game at this point, Gortat's play and size puts him as a good bet to be a second round pick.

Bottom Line: Obviously Gortat has the size to play in the league...but so did Frederick Weis and Aleksandar Radojevic. The difference here is Gortat LOOKED like he belonged in the league. He was very physical and quick off his feet at the pre-draft camp, stuffing home rebounds. He caught everything thrown into the paint and attacked the rim viciously. With the Raptors undersized front court Gortat would make an interesting late second round pick, and yet another player who the team could leave overseas to develop so as to not occupy roster space.

Who Is He: 6-9 senior power forward from Florida.

Last year: Averaged 13.6 points, 9 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 32 games for the Gators last season. Had an extremely strong Chicago pre-draft camp showing.

What He Can Do? Lee was always an excellent college basketball player using his excellent quickness and length. The only problem is scouts for a long time have wondered what he'd look like in another system. Florida's quasi-point gurad Anthony Roberson (who has entered this year's draft as well) was much more of a scorer then a passer and Lee simply didn't get the touches an offensive player of his calibre needed. Lee was dominant in this year's pre-draft camp showing his rebounding prowness, great footwork and overall excellent inside game. While he still needs to bulk up and get stronger, some scouts have wondered how Lee is that much different from another similar first round pick in former Kansas star Nick Collison.

Bottom Line: Like various other players discussed, Lee would be a steal for the Raptors in the second round. He likely will be gone before the Raptors first second round pick (41st overall) as his play in this year's pre-draft camp may have put him in the bottom of the first round. There are still some questions about his toughness but Lee would bring some much needed size and rebounding to the team.

Who Is He? 6-10 Senior power forward for University of Buffalo.

Last Year: Averaged 10.1 points and 5.8 rebounds in 29 games with the Bulls. Bortz ranked third in the Mid-American Conference in blocked shots last season.

What Can He Do? Bortz was an important cog for Buffalo last season helping them to a 23 and 10 record overall. A strong power forward, Bortz is a good defender with shot blocking ability.

Bottom Line: This one's a bit of a shot in the dark and may have been more of a local last minute addition then anything. Bortz didn't even start for the Bulls and hasn't been given much press in regards to the upcoming draft. Even with a great workout he would be an extremely long shot for the team next year as there are simply too many promising second rounders this year to consider.

Raptorshq note - The disappointing thing about yesterday's workout is that Ike Diogu was supposed to be among the players working out for the Raptors, but cancelled a few days prior. Diogu's stock has been rising steadily since he began working out for teams and now may be gone before the Raptors second pick in the first round. Diogu is being likened by many to Elton Brand in terms of having great length, athleticsm, and tenacity in the post even as an undersized power forward. This is EXACTLY the type of player the Raptors need as lack of rebounding and tenacity in the paint was an area that killed the team last year. His cancellation has many insiders wondering if he's been given a promise by a team.

Next update later today: Wednesday's Workout

Prospects: Martell Webster, Kennedy Winston and Antoine Wright.