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An Ode To Vince Carter

Let me get this straight.

Michael Jordan has a statue outside of the United Centre, a tribute to his greatness and to commemorate the Chicago Bulls teams he lead to an amazing 6 Championship titles.

Now play along with me here.

Therefore it ONLY makes sense that Vince Carter now has a statue erected outside of his high school, a tribute

a) His mother's parking abilities?

b) His tremendous acting ability after getting fouled?

c) Electing to have knee surgery and having his team play BETTER without him winning 8 in row to get back in the playoff hunt?

d) Leading his former team to the NBA Draft Lottery?

If you picked a, b, c or're wrong. In fact the answer is that the statue is supposed to represent the importance of education and is a donation from none other then Vince's Mom. Now since the statue is made in his likeness and almost made to size we here at RaptorsHQ are applauding the realism of it however are wondering how exact they'll be able to make that classic Vince "STOP THE GAME, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M IN PAIN?!!" face. I mean, is it a bronze statue? That might be tough to mold. They might have to settle for the classic "I'm so depressed sitting on this bench...why can't I just go play video games" face. And if that's the case, I guess that means they'll have to craft a towel out of bronze for Vince to hide under.

RaptorsHQ is also wondering how much insurance the school has put on this specimen. As it was made to be realistic the architects and school board MUST realize that after a month or so the statue will start falling apart and may start making strange whining noises. Are they prepared for this? Do they need to build a two-headed Charles Oakley and Butch Carter statue next to it ensure the statue stays together? Maybe the school will just periodically ship the statue to New Jersey for a few months so it can rejuvenate itself.

In any event, Vince IS making a generous donation to build a new gym for his former high school and will apparently be holding camps there in the summer. But don't expect Vince to be working out there as folks, you won't see that. What you may see however upon taking a trip to the Daytona Beach High School is Vince out front ensuring that his statue is sporting the newest Bronze Ipod blasting some thuggish, ruggish beats...or maybe just "My Bumps."

And as an ode to Vince and his new statue we here at RaptorsHQ are inviting our readers to submit their favourite Vince moments...from buzzer beaters to "I got shot 4 times on that foul!" Send any memories along...