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Tip-In: CB 4 Coming Into His Own

To say that Chris Bosh has been this team's most consistent player is an understatement. After his job last night against the Charlotte Bobcats, including a season high 30 points to go with 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks, it's getting harder and harder to ignore Bosh not simply for the job he's done for the team this season...but for the job he's doing on the league. While it's still no cinch that he'll get the All-Star nod, he sure is playing like one and is looking more with each game to be the centerpiece of the Franchise ala Tim Duncan.

Last night against the Bobcats, CB4 was dominant on both ends of the court and was instrumental in rallying the troops after the Bobcats went on an 11-0 run taking the lead with 9 minutes left. Coach Sam Mitchell spoke with Bosh at the half urging him to take the ball to the hoop more as Bosh had missed several jumper early in the game. As we've seen, especially in the past 5 games, there are VERY few players who can guard Bosh 1 on 1 and last night was no exception. Once Bosh started putting the ball on the floor, and with Emeka Okafor out of the game with a sprained toe and Melvin Eli unavailable with the flu, Bosh capitalized and took over the game.

The interesting this about watching Bosh so far this season is he's proving me wrong. Of the 3 of us here at RaptorsHQ I think I've been the biggest "Bosh isn't worth the max" supporter. I felt that while he would be a great player in the league, it would be less in the KG mold, and more in that of a Shareef Abdur Rahim...a double double threat every night who was solid at both ends of the court. However his assist numbers as of late, and improved passing out of the double team, is admittedly making me rethink the situation. In fact, our next "jump ball" topic for discussion will probably be this debate between Dave here at the HQ and myself regarding this "max player" issue. If Bosh's game continues to grow however it might not be much of a debate.

The Raptors' next game features a matchup against the Chicago Bulls and will be another chance for Bosh to go off. The Bulls have been without Tyson Chandler at the top of his game due to a mysterious fatigue syndrome and Michael "Fat Albert" Sweetney simply won't be able to compete in the post with CB4. The Bulls haven't been able to play up to their level of last season so far and will be a great chance for Toronto to get it's 4th win in the last 6 games.

Bosh has also gotten more help lately especially from the rookies and with continued contributions from Mo Pete and Mike James and hey...maybe even a little Hoffa (who took rookie Sean May to school numerous times last night) , the sky's the limit for the former Georgia Tech star. Oh...and maybe the Raptors want to petition the league to play the rest of their games on the road.