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One-Hit Wonders - Mark Baker

Mark Baker is one of the elite for this series of articles, as his stint with the Raps lasted just shy of one month back in 1999 and he entered into exactly ONE game where he played 2 minutes went 0/1 from the floor and did nothing else statistically. Unfortunately for all Raptors fans, his minutes came in Washington and he never again saw the floor for the Raps.

Baker was the third Raptor to sport the number 4 after the hockey fan favorite Vincenzo Esposito in 1995 and Sharone Wright from 1996-99. This 6'1" 185 lbs guard played his college ball alongside other future NBAers including Chris Jent, Jim Jackson, and Lawrence Funderbunk in 1992 and was an All-American. In fact this Ohio State team was a number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and lost in the elite 8 in overtime to arch-rival Michigan.

Prior to his stint with the Raps, Baker played some ball in the USBL where in 1997 he was actually named the post-season MVP, a second team regular season all-star and a member of the all-defensive squad while playing for Atlantic City Seagulls. Baker also spent some time in Europe playing professional basketball and now lives in Dayton and oversees what else.....the Mark Baker Foundation that helps junior and senior high-school athletes "succeed in academics and their personal lives, as well as sports endeavors."