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Media Watch for November 10, 2005 - Raptors Keep on Keepin' On/Babcock Shopping Spree in 2006/07?

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The Raptors' 0-4 start has many fans clamoring for changes or a miraculous recovery. Sam Mitchell insists that it's not going to happen. Inexperience has played a key factor in the Raptors losing streak however the next stretch of games should be a better indication of where this team stands in comparison to others. Seattle was blown out by the Cavs last night and both Utah and Philly have been up and down so far this season. These are the next three teams the Raptors will face and therefore will allow Mitchell and co. to get a good understanding of what this team will perform like against the majority of NBA squads.

While many of the Raptors have seen their share of losses in the NBA, all of this is new to the Raptors' 3 rookies. In fact Joey Graham stated that the only time he remembers losing 4 games was when his OK St. team went 31-4 in the year of their Final Four run.

If the losing continues the team may indeed have to shake things up by moving some players. The Raptors don't necessarily want to do that however as the team is finally in a position to have a great deal of cap space come the end of the 2006-07 season. The question then is if Sam Mitchell will be around to oversee any of this newly spent free-agent money.