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Media Watch for October 3, 2005 - More questions about the upcoming season/Who is Mike Jones...nope...who is Rob Babcock

To start of this Monday's media watch we look at some media coverage concerning the Raptors' upcoming season. Questions abound for the 2005-06 Raptors and perhaps more then any previous year no one really knows what to expect. On paper this might be one of the weakest teams in the league...but on the other hand if any of the young gunz develop faster then expected...the sky's the limit.

Any any event, many in the media feel that the key to a successful 2005/06 campaign will be how well the Raptors' defend. Last year's defence was porous at best and the team lacked the size and athletes, not to mention dedication to the task, to properly defend. Babcock attempted to right this through the draft and free agency this year so we'll see what happends.

Speaking of Babcock, the Toronto Star offers an interesting account of the Raptors' GM. It appears that there is a lot more to the Raptors' GM then meets the eye. The article details some of Babcock's previous life experiences in addition to shedding some light on his arrival into the NBA scene.

And finally, more media love from our down south neighbors...CNNSI has a pretty bleak picture of the Raptors' future painted in their recent season pre-view. Some of writer Kelly Dwyer's critisicm may be justified however what I want to know is what the hell is he doing with a "Faces" cd?