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One-Hit Wonders - Zendon Hamilton

The Zendon Hamilton era was more recent than many of the other One-Hit Wonders which we will be featuring. That being said it was no more memorable. The St. John's product signed his 10-day contract with the Raps on January 27, 2003. Lo and behold the era ended February 10 of that same year. This big man did however, see some game time after signing the 10 day playing in 3 games and logging 12 minutes. In what would amount to a quarter's worth of action Zendon and his 6'11", 250 lbs. frame scored a total of 6 points and grabbed 4 boards. Oh to have that type of production from the 5 spot today!

Since his rookie season in 2000 Zendon has played for the Clips, the Nuggets, the Raps, the 76ers and last season with the Bucks. Last season Zendon played in 16 games for the Bucks avergaing 3.2 ppg and 2.6 rpg in just under 10 minutes of action. His best season came with the 76ers where he played in 45 games and posted similar numbers. In fact Zendon has actually posted reasonable numbers when given an adequate number of minutes and has shown the ability to hit the offensive glass.

Zendon has played in the NBA for the past 5 seasons but has had more of an opportunity to demonstrate his talents abroad. Immediately after playing four years at St. John's Zendon played in Spain for Forum Valladolid and last year played some games with A.O. Dafni in Greece. Prior to leaving St. John's Zendon left his mark on that school's basketball program as he was only the 11th St. John's player to score over 1,500 points, he shares the Big East record with Alonzo Mourning for free throws made and owns the record for free-throws taken.

Zendon was most recently involved in last seasons trade between the Bucks and the Rockets when Houston picked up Mike James from the Bucks in return for 2003 first rounder Reese Gaines and 2 picks. Although waived the next day by the Rockets it would not be surprising to see Zendon on another NBA roster this season. Given his stats, if he played 40 minutes a night he would average 14.8 ppg, 12.0 rpg (5.8 being offensive) and just under 6 personal fouls. Any guy that would average a double-double a night, is 6'11", and has shown a propensity throughout his career of getting to the line has a spot on my team.