Video: Nets vs Raptors Game 2 Breakdown


The HQ's Kayla Grey takes a look at the series so far between the Nets and Raptors in anticipation of tonight's matchup.

Watch: Amir Johnson talks confidence, team defence


Raptors HQ's own Kayla Grey chats with Amir Johnson about the Raptors upcoming games.

The Toronto Raptors 2012-13 Season (In Videos)


With yet another season in the books for the Toronto Raptors, the HQ's Chris Walder takes a look back at the year that was with some of the most memorable moments of the past 82 games.

RaptorsHQ Talks with


RaptorsHQ talks with to preview tonight's contest.

Video: The Andrea Bargnani Exclusive TV Offer!!


Attention all NBA General Managers! RaptorsHQ presents its exclusive Andrea Bargnani TV offer - Limited Time Only!

John Lucas - The Most Interesting Man in the NBA


RaptorsHQ Presents: John Lucas, the most interesting man in the NBA.

Video - RaptorsHQ Talks Pre-Season


The RaptorsHQ team sits down to chat about expectations for the Toronto Raptors this pre-season.

Video - RaptorsHQ Talks Training Camp 2012


Franchise and Vicious D take a moment to talk about some of the stories from the Raptors' recently concluded training camp.

Video - Which Raptor could sleep on Fields' couch?


The HQ talks to Landry Fields at Raptors' Media Day.

Video - Quincy Acy Talks Hobbies with RaptorsHQ


RaptorsHQ Talks to Quincy Acy at Raptors' Media Day 2012-13.


RaptorsHQ Talks Video Games With Terrence Ross


Apparently Raptors' rookie Terrence Ross is an online gamer. RaptorsHQ gets the scoop.

RaptorsHQ Talks Hallowe'en with Jonas Valanciunas


RaptorsHQ talks with Jonas Valanciunas at the team's media day.

Video - RaptorsHQ Talks to John Lucas III


RapsHQ goes one-on-one with Raptors' newcomer John Lucas at Media Day 2012-13.

Player Breakdown Video Series - Jonas Valanciunas


RaptorsHQ takes a look via video at the final player in their off-season series - Jonas Valanciunas.

Video - RaptorsHQ Player Breakdown Series: Quincy Acy


RaptorsHQ breaks down off-season acquisition Quincy Acy via video.

Video - Vince Carter - The Biggest Disappointment in Raptors' History?


RaptorsHQ presents a video breakdown of why Vince Carter is the biggest disappointment in Raptors' history...

Video - Raptors HQ Player Breakdown Series: Kyle Lowry


RaptorsHQ presents a video breakdown of point guard Kyle Lowry, one of the Raptors' off-season acquisitions.

Video - Raptors HQ Player Breakdown Series: Terrence Ross


RaptorsHQ presents its video breakdown of Raptors' draft pick and University of Washington star, Terrence Ross.

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