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Dictating Tempo, Limiting Guards Will be Key for Northwestern at Michigan


by Kevin Trahan (@k_trahan) In the first five minutes of Northwestern and Michigan’s last meeting, the Wolverines scored 16 points to the Wildcats’ 4. The scoring summary for UM in those five...

Northwestern vs. Michigan Basketball Preview


by Chris Johnson (@ChrisDJohnsonn)  Savor Northwestern’s Gator bowl victory as long as possible. After all, it’s been more than 60 years since the program last won one of these things. But if you...

ATH 9th Pick Tourney: Marcus Smart vs Nik Stauskas


At The Hive readers, today is draft day! In the finals of the At The Hive 9th Pick Tournament, we have two No. 3 seeds facing off. Will it be Marcus Smart or Nik Stauskas receiving your vote to be...

2014 NBA Draft: Media Day Roundup


Twenty top NBA prospects. A couple dozen NBA reporters. One hour of their time. Welcome to Real World: Media Day.

ATH 9th Pick Tourney: Aaron Gordon vs Nik Stauskas


What a matchup we have here. Aaron Gordon faces off against what seems like the readers' favorite prospect, Nik Stauskas. Who will win this battle and move on to the semifinals? Vote and let your...

ATH 9th Pick Tourney: Stauskas vs. Hairston


In today's matchup, we have two lights-out shooting guards squaring-off in a battle to move on to the second round. Who will receive your vote? Will it be Nik Stauskas or P.J. Hairston? Vote and...

LB Community Big Board #8


The 2014 LB Community Big Board continues, as Aaron Gordon comes off the board with 62% of the vote. James Young, an 18 year old wing from Kentucky, has been added in his place.

LB Mock Draft Pick #9: Hornets get Stauskas

The Michigan product did not receive a hat upon taking the stage, but one of those awesome old Starter jackets.


Declaring For More Than the NBA

Stauskas, Randle, Embid, Wiggins. Nik, Julius, Joel, Andrew. If you know the player personally, and odds are you don't, only then do you have a right to share your input in his decision. Now, I'm...

Oh, Canada! Nik Stauskas Hits Buzzer Beater to Silence Illini Student Section


The more attention he gets, the more he thrives. This is the case for Michigan's sophomore guard Nik Stauskas. In the midst of "USA" chants just before the half, Stauskas promptly buries a three-pointer from the parking lot to leave the Illinois student section in stunned silence. Michigan would go on to beat the Illini 84-53 and secure their first outright conference championship since 1986. [ESPN]

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