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David Ash Is Your New American Idol -- Give Luck Its Due


Everyone who has ever played a team sport knows that you cannot sabermetric everything. There comes a time on every team where a player makes or breaks a reputation for reliability, capability,...

Texas Football 2011 Preseason Position by Position: Wide Receiver


With Mike Davis serving as a reliable centerpiece, this group's ultimate production rests on what we get from a puzzling senior, a precocious freshman, and a talented unproven sophomore; supported...

Texas on the cutting edge


I was in the Tavern the other night, just hanging out with a good friend, and it turned out to have been the chosen location for an Alabama NIT basketball game viewing. I wasn't totally aware of my...

This Interview Is Over, Get To Steppin'


Good glimpse into the team dynamic here courtesy of Texassports.com. Garrett Gilbert, the next Michael Vick. Being QB at UT could lend itself easily to being a jerk. Gilbert is the polar...

We Are Exactly That: Do Not Expect Anything Else This Year


There is a lot of hand-wringing going on today. People are suggesting that this is the beginning of the end of another great Longhorn football era (it’s not).  People are suggesting that it’s the...

Thoughts on the offense against Texas Tech


Let's fast forward a few years into the future. Mack Brown has retired, and Will Muschamp is the new head coach at Texas. Muschamp calls Greg Davis into his office. Muschamp: I've always taken...

Texas-Rice Football Post-Mortem 2010: Offense


The offensive game plan was to protect Garrett Gilbert - mentally and physically - work the running game, even if meant being stubborn, and prep our offense for a mindset which will attempt to...

Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: RB, WR, QB


Rice is two weeks away and I thought I'd share some thoughts on where we are based on my observations, what I'm reading from Mack and Greg and Will, and what I'm hearing from people with access to...

Texas Football Practice Report Day One: What Scipio Missed While Scoping Out Sweaty Babes


Nice rundown on Wednesday's open practice here already by Scipio. And now that I've pointed out to him who all the players are and what positions they play, tomorrow's recap should only get...

Gridiron Kickoff: Slightly Abridged Transcript


And by slightly abridged transcript I mean I'll loosely paraphrase the few notable moments so that you can read entirely too much into what may or may not have been said. Nevermind how we got a...

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