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Landry Fields Verbally Agrees to Raptors


A 3 year deal worth $20 Million with a spike in the 3rd year. ESPN reports that Landry Fields has reached a verbal agreement to an offer sheet. The Knicks will have 3 days after the deal is signed on July 11th to match the deal since Fields is a Restricted Free Agent.

Landry Fields Interview


The video at the bottom of this page shows the Prophet Landry's stint as Leroy Jenkins at Modells, which we've all seen (if you haven't, watch it!), but then AFTER that is an interview with his Landryness.

this is a great shot of our man Fields!


this is a great shot of our man Fields!

Just how good is Landry Fields?


This is a nice article about Fields's value to the Knicks.

John Wall eat your heart out Landry Fields!!!


John Wall eat your heart out Landry Fields!!!

Landry Fields foray into blogging via Draft Express


Didn't know if any of you had seen this, he writes about what it was like playing against Kentucky, Portsmouth tourney, and prepping for NBA work outs. Good writer, but he doesn't write about mammals like our man Seth. Worth a look.

Well those are pretty snazzy


Well those are pretty snazzy

Landry Fields "Gotta handle some business."


Maybe we could possibly be getting ready to sign the fella. This was tweeted by Landry not too long ago. He's on his way to NY for business so lets see if anything happens.

landry fields best fit of all 2010 draftees


you'll need espn insider to read it (which i have stolen) but david thorpe recently did a ranking of the top 20 rookies throughout summer league play. our very own landwolf not only made the cut, but was number 6, and with a ringing endorsement! 6. Landry Fields, Knicks Summer-league stats: 15.6 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 1.6 spg Like Harangody, Fields does not yet look the part of an NBA player, but his game is spot-on for the Knicks' style. He runs, shoots and finishes, and he has a great feel for the game overall. When considering talent plus fit, I think this may be the best overall draft selection of all 60 picks. will landwolf get minutes? will lots of small forwards get traded to get landry big time minutes? will new york media pollute the landmass?? tune in next season.

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