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FIBA World Championships: 3x3 Style

Debuting in its first World Championships in Athens, Greece, 3x3 basketball might be something we all need to get used to-and fast-if FIBA has anything to say about it. Trying to make it an Olympic...

The Nash Effect - Part 1 - The Talent


The Nash Effect - Part 1 - The Talent - Steve Nash's biggest initial impact will be drawing players.

What Losing Dave Smart Means to the Senior Men's Program


What Losing Dave Smart Means to the Senior Men's Program. Can Ball Ray Takes a Look.

USA 81, France 60: Increasing free throw rate adds to potent USA attack


The big story of the first three games has been USA's offensive performance: while they continued to outshoot opponents by a large margin against France, they also got to the free throw line at the highest rate yet with a free throw rate of 44.44%. While Diana Taurasi put up an impressive line with 15 points, Sue Bird was arguably the statistical MVP with an efficient 9 points on 4-for-4 shooting and 3 steals.

Dishin & Swishin: Jayne Appel, Healthy & Banging for Team USA


There may be no more intriguing story in the final group that has assembled in the Czech Republic as candidates for Team USA than that of Jayne Appel of the San Antonio Silver Stars.

Kevin Durant: The Best Player in the World


Kevin Durant led Team USA in winning the FIBA World Championship for the first time since 1994. He led all scoring against Turkey with 28 points and was the obvious leader of Team USA. This FIBA USA team was known as the "B-Team" after the stars of the Olympic team did not return. No Kobe, no LeBron, no Wade…no problem. With Durant leading Team USA to a gold, people are now wondering, how good is Kevin Durant? ESPN has even been answering the question of whether he now becomes the best player in the world. My answer to this…Yes!

Canadian Content


We have the Senior Men, Tristan Thompson, Simon Fraser and a lot more in today's edition of Canadian Content.

0 - 3? What Up Wit Dat?!?!


0 - 3? What Up Wit Dat?!?! The Can Ball put the question to its Twitter fam and we examined the answers ...

Pre FIBA WC Spain vs Canada (84-38) Intro + 1st Half (08.01.2010) 84 - Spain...


Pre FIBA WC Spain vs Canada (84-38) Intro + 1st Half (08.01.2010) 84 - Spain (24+17+23+20): starters: Rudy Fernández (12), Navarro (3), Calderón (4), Marc Gasol (8) y Garbajosa (8), bench: Ricky Rubio (4), Martínez (-), Reyes (14), Claver (5), Fran Vázquez (6), Suarez (10), Mumbrú (8) y San Emeterio (2). 38 - Canada (13+6+10+9): starters: Bell (3), Shepherd (2), Brown (8), Landry (6) y Wright (4), bench: Baker (-), Brempong (2), Trasolini (-), Olynyk (5), Archibald (2) y Heslip (6). Also watch 2nd HALF

Kobe Bryant 'likely' to miss the Worlds, may require offseason knee surgery


Off-topic from the Finals, but still very, VERY good news. With Kobe's sheer dominance over the course of the last to and a bit rounds of these Playoffs, it's easy to forget that he is still playing through serious injuries - amazing, really. This rest shall do him well, and few would have been surprised if he decided to lace it up for the Worlds regardless of his injuries, and thus punish his body even further. It certainly is news that his knee may require surgery (and what about his fingers?), but if he needs it, he should get it; and at least his knee wasn't drained of fluid earlier on in the Playoffs due to 'old age', as some journalists suggested while busy writing Kobe off. Hopefully, it's not a serious procedure.

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