Which Need Should the Raps Address via the Draft?


Tomorrow we'll kick off our award-winning NBA draft coverage as the Toronto Raptors look to strike gold with not only the 20th overall pick in the upcoming draft, but the 37th and 59th picks as...

Poll - Was bringing back Casey the right call?


Casey's back and we want to know, was this a good decision?

Poll - Raptors? Nets? Who Wins Game 7 Today?


Let's keep it simple. It's Game 7 between the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets in a few hours, winner moves on. Give us your pick.

Poll: Raptors vs Nets - Who Wins the Series?


"The Nets have more experience!" "But the Raptors have younger legs and are more athletic!" "That won't matter, Jason Kidd knows how to use his troops to take advantage of Toronto's youth." "...

Poll - Give Us Your Take on the Rudy Gay Trade


It's not yet official, but we want your take on the proposed Rudy Gay trade.

Should the NBA Do Away With Its Divisions?


The Toronto Raptors lead the Atlantic Division despite a not-so-great record. Should the NBA look to make some changes in the way its divisional alignments work?

Poll - Biggest Raptors' Draft Disappointment?


Wait, you mean to tell me you didn't think Joey Graham was going to be a mini-LeBron??

Sunday Poll - Which Raptor is Due for a Breakout?


On this Sunday, Raptors HQ asks readers which member of the Dinos they expect to bust out next season.

Raptors Ranked 22nd Going Into 2013-14 Season


With the 2013-14 NBA schedule apparently coming out next week, SB Nation's collective of NBA bloggers take a shot at pre-ranking the various clubs.

Raptors Signing Austin Daye to Two-Year Deal


It looks like Austin Daye is the newest member of the Toronto Raptors...


Poll- Which NBA Great Should Jonas Take After?


On this Sunday's offseason poll, we ask which legendary NBA Big Man, Raptor forward Jonas Valanciunas should look to emulate.

Poll - Will the Raptors Acquire a Draft Pick?


Will the Dinos get in on the action tonight?

Poll - Who Would You Like to see as Raptors' GM?


While it sounds like the Raptors are closing in on their man, the HQ asks if you're happy with their apparent lead selection.

Poll: How Will Colangelo Situation be Resolved?


It's likely a somber day in Toronto with the Maple Leafs losing their game seven match-up to the Boston Bruins in epic fashion last night. But perhaps some solace is on the way?

Would You Trade Bargnani for Gerald Wallace?


One's been a disaster in Toronto. The other has suddenly seemed to fall off a cliff performance-wise. Would a swap make sense? Adam Francis wonders...

Poll- Is This Recent Version of the Raps for Real?


Instead of a full recap of last night's win over the Atlanta Hawks, Adam Francis wants to know if this recent stretch of play by the Toronto Raptors is for real.

Poll - How would you describe the Raptors Season?


With only five games left, the HQ wants to know, how would you describe the 2012-13 season for the Toronto Raptors...

Jose Calderon: Greatest Raptor PG Ever?


Love him or hate him, Calderon has been an important piece of the Raptors organization for the past seven years. Will he go down as the greatest point guard this franchise has ever seen? The HQ's...

Poll - How Many Wins for the Raptors this year?


With the NBA season right around the corner the HQ asks fans their take on the Raptors' win-loss record.

Want a chance to win a $50 NBA Store Gift card?


One of the HQ's readers needs your help regarding the media, and the NBA lockout.

Poll - Besides Vince Carter, Who is the Most Hated Player in Raptors History?


Who is the most hated player in Raptors' history? RaptorsHQ polls its readers...

Poll - The Toronto Raptors Have the Biggest Rivalry With...


Celtics-Lakers. Bulls-Pistons. Knicks-Pacers. Lakers-Kings. Thunder-Heat? These are some of the NBA's all-time great rivalries from the past, and potentially the future (the last entry in...

Sunday Poll - The Biggest Disappointment in Raptors History?


This coming Wednesday is Disappointment Day here at RaptorsHQ. In fact, it's "Disappointment Day" across SB Nation's network of basketball sites. As we've done the past few Wednesdays, the coming...

Sunday Poll - Which Raptors Would You Choose as a 3-on-3 Tournament Entry?


Which members of the Toronto Raptors would you choose to participate as a unit, in an NBA 3-on-3 tournament?

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