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Video - RaptorsHQ Men's Olympic Basketball Recap

Raptors HQ's video recap of the Men's Olympic Basketball results, focusing on the Raptors' particpants; Linas Kleiza, Jose Calderon and Jonas Valanciunas.

Raptors' Kleiza Leads Lithuania in Near Upset of Team USA at Olympics

RaptorsHQ recaps the performances of Toronto's Linas Kleiza and Jonas Valanciunas in Lithuania's narrow Olympic basketball loss to Team USA.

Video - Whitaker and Nelson Discuss '92 Dream Team

Video - Whitaker and Nelson Discuss '92 Dream Team

Live from Eurobasket 2011 - A Look at the Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas

Live from Eurobasket 2011 - A Look at the Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas with help from WTLC...

Live From Eurobasket 2011 - More Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani

Live From Eurobasket2011 - More Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani. Raptors HQ and @WTLC take a final look...

The More Things Change...Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani at Eurobasket 2011

The More Things Change...Thoughts on Raptors' Andrea Bargnani at Eurobasket2011...

Lessons from Spain

If I were to ask you to name one basketball player who you could trade places with, who would you name? Lebron James? D-Wade? Tim Duncan? You could list a number of players but would you say...

Pre-Season Cracks or Regular Season Concerns?

"We're searching...we have to find guys who'll get in there and do the tough things. "We've got guys who can shoot the basketball, we have guys who can pass the ball, we have to find guys who'll...

Raps Drop First Game Overseas

I'm guessing John Holinger got a LITTLE hate mail from Raptors fans about his Eastern Conference predictions. Because after having the Raptors seeded behind the Hawks and Bobcats in his...

Did We Draft the Wrong Guy?

Bye bye Tony Parker. So long Dirk Nowitzki. After losses yesterday to Russian and Spain respectively, France and Germany find themselves on the outside of the Final Four in Spain, looking in. A...


The Problem with Blogs

1. Heat: Dwyane Wade. 2. Hawks: Joe Johnson. 3. Nets: Vince Carter. 4. Bucks: Michael Redd. 5. Celtics: Ray Allen. 6. Pistons: Richard Hamilton. 7. Bobcats: Jason Richardson. 8. Bulls: Ben...

Stuck Watching Britney

Sergio Rodriguez didn’t even get into the game. Yes, that’s how deep Spain is. As our master overseas updater Sergi P has told us many a time, yes, this team is good. It’s tough to even...

Eurobasket 07 - Raptors Update

I’m presently writing this update from the airport in Thunder Bay as I’ve been traveling to some of Canada’s more remote areas the past few days. However thanks to technology, I’m able to...

Carlos Delfino – The New Mo Pete?

Carlos Delfino is happy right now. Sure his team was just waxed yesterday in the FIBA Americas final by the US once again (118-81) but with their silver medal finish, his Argentinian squad...

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet. I’m guessing that’s pretty much how Team Canada coach Leo Rautins would have summed up last night’s 72-66 loss to Puerto Rico. On one hand, Team Canada surpassed the...

Ready for Delfino

When Carlos Delfino was acquired by the Raptors for a couple second round picks, most fans were pleased with the deal. Not because fans thought Delfino was the second-coming of Drazen...

The Unstoppable Force

Tayshaun Prince left the game after playing only five minutes with an ankle injury. And while I’m sure the brain-trust is concerned with Prince’s recovery...it’s not because they need him...

Dazed And Confused

What can you say about Bill Walton? He’s possibly the most aggravating voice in sports broadcasting today (along with Dickie V and ahem, maybe even the Swirsk.) His endless stream of random...

Bench Mob

Today’s game against the US could get ugly. Canada plays its southern neighbors at 4 PM (on the Score for our Canadian readers) and while they’re sitting at a respectable two wins and one...

Sammy "D"

18 points, eight rebounds and five blocks and a defensive presence that altered many others. Yes, last night the D in Dalembert was both for Dominant, Defense and Difference-maker. The 76ers...


Before we get into the recap, our hearts here at the HQ go out to Andy Rautins, son of Team Canada Coach Leo Rautins, who suffered what looked to be a very serious knee injury only seconds after...

RaptorsHQ International Update

First off, a big shout to Sergi P for hooking us up with some much needed updates. The Raptors don’t start their training camp for approximately another two months and besides re-runs of the...

Las Calificaciones Finales

-Campiones de Division del Atlantico. -Novatos Andrea Bargnani y Jorge Garbajosa fueron elegidosen el equipo NBA de los mejores Novatos. -Segundo equipo de All NBA para Chris Bosh. -Entrenador del...

Las Calificaciones – primer semestre.

Apenas fue hace un año que Toronto estaba saliendo del remolino donde empezaron la temporada con una victoria y 16 derrotas. Aunque se las arreglaron para tener algunas victorias despues de ese...

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