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Raptors come out flat, get crushed by Nets 97-83


Toronto came out flat once again, losing to the Nets 97-83 to set up Game 7 on Sunday.

HQ Promotion: Steven Lebron Volume 1 Now Available


Last night, the Vince Carter retrospective was in full effect. Carter and his Dallas Mavericks took on the Toronto Raptors in what might be Carter's final, or near-final, visit to the place he...

Sign Up for RaptorsRepublic's 3-on-3 Tourney!


Don't worry about the snow and ice, sign up for Raptors Republic's indoor 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament!

Raptors Ready to Get Season Underway


At long last, the preseason is over. It's time for the Raptors to answer questions on the court.

RaptorsHQ Liveblog Moderators Wanted!


Apply within...

Raptors' Fans Night Out With Raptors Republic


Looking to take in a game next season with a whole crew of crazy Raptors fans? Raptors Republic has the deal for you...

Updates to RaptorsHQ Layout on the Way


In response to feedback received by SB Nation community members and site editors, we are preparing to roll out a revised home page layout across SB Nation sites.

The Toronto Raptors Drinking Game


It might be another long season for Raptors' fans. Introducing, the Toronto Raptors drinking game!

DeRozan's Contract - Maybe BC Knew All Along?


Sure it's a small sample size but DeMar DeRozan appears to be silencing his critics so far. The HQ's Brandon Graham wonders if BC knew this was coming all along...


Casey, DeRozan Disagree with 33-Win Prediction


Every year ESPN's John Hollinger projects wins for each team in the NBA. This year, his 33-win projection for the Toronto Raptors wasn't too well received by those on the team. But, maybe that's...

Calderon faces toughest test yet


RaptorsHQ's Brandon Graham takes a look at what could be a very interesting point guard situation this season for Toronto.

What future does Ed Davis have in Toronto?


The HQ's Chris Walder gives his take on what the future for Ed Davis is here in Toronto.

RaptorsHQ hits the books and reviews "Dead Ringer"


RaptorsHQ reviews the medical/crime thriller, Dead Ringer.

"We're Number 103!" Examining the Raptors ESPN Ultimate Standings Ranking


RaptorsHQ looks at ESPN's 2012 Ultimate Standings rankings for the Toronto Raptors.

Raptors' Colangelo Betting on Big?


Research shows that if you're going to overspend on an NBA player, it's wiser to do it on a big man. Are the Toronto Raptors starting to catch on? RaptorsHQ takes a look.

DeMar DeRozan: Where Waiting for Talent to Develop Happens/Comes to an End


RaptorsHQ looks at the upcoming NBA season for the Raptors' DeMar DeRozan.

Top 5 Ways To Be Chosen As Part of An On-Court Raptors Promotion


RaptorsHQ lists the top five ways to get chosen for an in-game promotion at Toronto Raptors' basketball games.

Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum Trade: Will Raptors' Big Men Step it Up in The Wake of Move?


RaptorsHQ wonders if in the wake of the addition of Andrew Bynum to the Atlantic Division, if the Raptors own big men will step up their respective games.

Monday Poll - What Should Raptors' Fans Expect From Valanciunas Next Season?


Lithuania improved to 2 and 3 in Group A action in the current London Olympics, thanks to a 76 to 63 victory over Tunisia this morning. Interestingly though, it wasn't Linas Kleiza doing the damage...

Video - RaptorsHQ Summer Update


It's August already. Unbelievable. Yes, Olympic ball is in full swing and the Raptors, as we've discussed, have a few participants in action, but otherwise it's pretty quiet for Dino-news, and in...

Sunday Poll - How Many Games Will Raptors' Win Based on Their Schedule?


Yesterday we took a guess at just how many wins the Toronto Raptors would finish the 2012-13 NBA season with. We looked at wins produced, win shares, wins at the Air Canada Center versus away, wins...

Toronto Raptors 2012-13 Season Promo - Avengers Style


You know what's refreshing? In spite of the criticism volleyed against Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors organization for losing out on Steve Nash, and the potential vast overpayment of Landry...

Sunday Poll - Which Raptors Off-Season Acquisition Will Have Biggest Impact?


RaptorsHQ asks fans which of Toronto's off-season acquisitions will have the biggest impact on the upcoming season.

Will the Toronto Raptors Regret Signing Landry Fields?


Will the Toronto Raptors Regret Signing Landry Fields? - Chris Walder of takes a look.

Poll - What's Your Take on James Johnson Being Traded to the Kings?


RaptorsHQ asks Raptors' fans what they think of the team trading James Johnson to the Sacramento Kings for a second-round draft pick.

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