Game Day

Raptors Rapid Recap: New York 96 Toronto 102


- Another night without the franchise guy (Chris Bosh out with the flu) but unlike the past few games others stepped up and the Raps got a much needed win against the Knicks. It got close down the...


Game Day Thread: New York vs. Toronto

  New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors March 5, 2010 TV:  TSN - 7:00 PM EST Back at home the Raps need to get back to their winning ways. Tracy McGrady, David Lee and others hope to ensure the...

Blogging With the Enemy: Posting and Toasting


This is the second Friday night affair against the New York Knicks this year and Seth at Posting and Toasting was happy to respond to a few more questions. A lot has changed since the last time we...

Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 92 Houston 116


- No Bosh, no Calderon and in the second half no Hedo? That all adds up to another blow-out loss for the Raps who suddenly find themselves up against the ropes as they head home for two big games...

Raptors Rapid Recap: Oklahoma City 119 Toronto 99


- Can't blame you if you were out on Yonge Street (or whatever local major street you have in your city) partying it up with the rest of Canada. This one was pretty over early as the Raptors seemed...

Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post Game Report - Hanging Tough


Looking at the Raps best loss of the year.

Raptors Rapid Recap: Cleveland 126 Toronto 118


- On a night when most people are focusing on hockey, the Raps put on quite a display forcing the league's best into an overtime session. Despsite not having Chris Bosh for the fourth game in a row...


Game Day Thread: Cleveland vs. Toronto

   Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors February 26, 2010 TV:  TSN2 - 7:00 PM EST Need something to do before the big game tonight between Team Canada and Slovakia? We will be live-blogging...

Blogging With the Enemy - Fear The Sword.


Apologies for the lack of preview today. Real jobs are taking their toll in a big way. Nevertheless, we did have an opportunity to reach out to John at Fear The Sword to talk about the state of the...

Raptors Rapid Recap - Portland 101 - Toronto 87


Raptors Rapid Recap - Portland 101 - Toronto 87 - Was Raptors attention focused on Canada-Russia hockey game?

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