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Rudy Gay: Not Overrated, Over-Paid

Thanks to some recent "dissection" of Rudy Gay online, the HQ's Zach Salzmann decides to take his own look at Mr. Gay, and ponders if contractual obligations are painting an overly negative picture of the former UCONN Husky.

"What If"...Bargnani DID Become the Next Dirk?

It's "What If" day across SB Nation's basketball blogs and RaptorsHQ asks a dangerous question regarding a recently departed lottery pick...

On Wilt Chamberlain and Perspective in Sports

And for something completely different from the HQ's Braedon Clark...

If RaptorsHQ Were NBA Commissioner For A Day...

It's "Commish For The Day," day at SB Nation and RaptorsHQ's Zach Salzmann gives us his take on what he would do if he was running the show.

Breaking Down the Raptors 2013-14 Schedule

On Tuesday night, the Toronto Raptors released their 2013-14 regular season schedule. As we've done the past few years, the HQ takes a look at how Toronto might fare in it, based on a month-by-month view...

The Enigma That is Kyle Lowry

Mohamed Mohamed takes an in-depth look at the Raptors' starting point guard using Synergy Sports.

A Closer Look At Austin Daye

While the signing hasn't been made official yet by the team, the HQ's Peter Chalach takes a look at what Austin Daye could bring to the Toronto Raptors.

Gay, DeRozan's 3-Point Shooting Key for Raptors

When looking at areas for the Raptors to improve in over last season, three-point shooting comes in near the top of the list. And as the HQ's Zach Salzmann notes, that improvement starts with the team's two key offensive players, Gay and DeRozan.

Should Raptors Take Advantage of Homegrown Talent?

Andrew Wiggins may or may not have been serious when he recently stated he wanted to play for the Raptors. Regardless, Braedon Clark argues that it wouldn't be a bad idea for the Dinos to start to doing some local recruitment.

Comparing Rookie Seasons: DeRozan vs Ross

Terrence Ross didn't exactly have a stellar Summer League session this year but can he end up being a nice complement to the current starting shooting guard, DeMar DeRozan? The HQ's Peter Chalach takes a look...

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