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RHQ Media Roundtable: Pre-NBA Playoffs Edition

It's time for another edition of Raptors HQ's Media Roundtable, this time discussing a fairly foreign topic our panel; the Toronto Raptors and the NBA's post-season!

This Ain't Your Early-Season Eastern Conference

Miami are still the favourites to reach the NBA Finals, but it's no longer a formality; and it's certainly not a given that they'll go through Indiana to get there.

Report: Raptors Interested in Reacquiring Bargs

After last night's 93 to 83 loss to the Miami Heat, it's quite clear that the Toronto Raptors need some help. That help could come this offseason in the form of Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors made...

Jonas is Struggling, But it's Not Time to Panic

It's been a frustrating, up-and-down season for the Raptors big-man, but let's all take some deep breaths and put things into perspective.

Something Special Happening in Toronto

Guest author Daniel Levitt discusses the recent success of the Toronto Raptors, and where they go from here.

Raptors Trade Deadline Day Thoughts

With the NBA's trade deadline hours away, Adam Francis gives his take on potential moves the Toronto Raptors may consider, specifically, none.

DeRozan Scores 8 in All-Star Game Debut

Toronto Raptors' swingman DeMar DeRozan made a successful debut in last night's NBA All-Star Game. His squad won 163 - 155.

East Wins Dunk Contest but Ross Dethroned by Wall

Terrence Ross might have brought out Drake, but John Wall simply brought out the best slam dunk. Ross, Wall and Paul George put on an excellent show in last night's NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk...

Ross Set to Defend All-Star Slam Dunk Crown

The Toronto Raptors feature prominently in tonight's NBA All-Star Saturday Night events and Terrence Ross looks to defend his Slam Dunk Crown.

From Waterworld to JCVD: Grading the Raps, Part 3

Kyle Lowry as Humphrey Bogart? Sure, why not.


Grading the Raptors at the Half Part I

It's Report Card time for the Toronto Raptors...Hollywood style!

Terrence Ross - Future All-Star?

Last season, many Raptors fans were wondering if the team made a mistake in drafting Terrence Ross eighth overall in the 2012 NBA Draft. This year, Ross is silencing many of his critics...

About Tanking, Kyle Lowry, and the Raptors Plight

The Toronto Raptors' recent play, combined with that of their divisional and conference counterparts, is likely giving new GM Masai Ujiri a lot to think about.

The Continuing Evolution of DeMar DeRozan

Advanced metrics have not often been kind to the Raptors' DeMar DeRozan. But his recent play, and the evolution of his game this season, may have critics singing a different tune. My in-depth look...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

RaptorsHQ gives you its version of the classic, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Nine Years Ago Today Carter Traded to the Nets

Time flies when you're watching Milt Palacio brick layups and Patrick O'Bryant hoist up off-balance three-pointers...

Masai Ujiri Understands the Big Picture

As part of SB Nation's 'Trade Season' theme day, the HQ's Zach Salzmann examines the outlook for the Raptors leading up to February's trade deadline, and explains that the team's in pretty good hands with Masai Ujiri at the helm.

Rudy Gay, the Lone Crusader

Rudy Gay, meet Napoleon.

Building Sustainable Success in the NBA

Guest writer Shalax23 takes a look at the current situation facing the Toronto Raptors in terms of how best to move forward and comes to one conclusion; it's time to blow things up and hit the draft.

Steve Nash Book Contest! Enter to Win!

Enter for a chance to win the terrific new book "Steve Nash: The Unlikely Ascent of a Superstar," by Dave Feschuk and Michael Grange!

The Raps are Losing, and Losing Ugly

Thanks to their inefficient wing duo, not only do the Toronto Raptors lack the ability to win games with any consistency, they also fail to provide the consolation prize of being fun to watch.

A Closer Look at the Raptors' Offence

Yesterday's overtime session wasn't pretty, and Mohamed Mohamed takes a look at the Raptors' offence and some of the current issues.

The only way out: Trading Kyle Lowry

The Raptors seem destined for another mediocre season. Talk has centered around moving Rudy Gay or DeMar DeRozan, but there's another Raptor to be traded who could be the key to escaping NBA purgatory.

RaptorsHQ 2013-14 Media Roundtable Part II

The RaptorsHQ Media Roundtable rolls on...

RaptorsHQ 2013-14 Media Roundtable Part I

Oh yes, it's Media Roundtable time once again...

The Uneven Evolution of DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan showed some nice signs of improvement in preseason, only to struggle in the Raptors' first regular season contest. The HQ's Mohamed Mohamed takes a look at DeRozan's play on both sides of the ball career-to-date...

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