Bayless finds a new home


Bayless has moved on to Memphis according to ESPN

Aaron Gray Re-signs with the Toronto Raptors


According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Gray was re-signed to a 2 year deal. Financial details were not disclosed.

Raptors Pull Qualifying Offer To Bayless


ESPN's Mark Stein is reporting that the Raptors have pulled their qualifying offer to Jerryd Bayless, which makes him an unrestricted free agent. Lots of speculation that this move signals something else in the works from the man with the large collars and undying Bargnani love. Stay tuned.

Kyle Lowry to the Raptors?


The trade is not yet done, but there's a lot of talk about the Rockets sending Kyle Lowry to the Raptors for a protected future first round pick. I thought that it would be unlikely that the Rockets would part with Lowry until they secured another PG of their own, but if this report holds water, the Raptors may have been able to upgrade their PG/backup PG spot. -- Edit -- Gary Forbes seems to have been traded over to Houston as part of the deal

Suns Stitch Up Goran Dragic


As if things couldn't get tighter for the Raptors, they now see Goran Dragic nailed down by the Phoenix Suns to a verbal agreement for a 4 year deal worth $34 Million. This may severely limit the Raptors in talks to get Kyle Lowry from the Rockets unless the rumours surrounding Houston come to fruition and they end up signing Jeremy Lin. The Suns also reached an agreement with Michael Beasley last night.

Sources: Steve Nash to Lakers


After all the Knicks talk, ESPN's Mark Stein is reporting that Steve Nash is heading to the Lakers. It's a three-year deal that nets him considerably less than what the Raptors were willing to pay. But he gets to stay close to his three children in Phoenix. Despite spurning the Raps, Nash remains our greatest basketball export. Please don't boo the man for doing right by himself and his family. I'll step off my soapbox now...

Landry Fields Verbally Agrees to Raptors


A 3 year deal worth $20 Million with a spike in the 3rd year. ESPN reports that Landry Fields has reached a verbal agreement to an offer sheet. The Knicks will have 3 days after the deal is signed on July 11th to match the deal since Fields is a Restricted Free Agent.

Will the Raps cut Calderon?


I personally hope not, I find it hard to believe he has no trade value at all.

B.S. Report Podcast


Around the 33 minute mark, Bill Simmons, Joe House and Chad Ford have a conversation about the Raptors. They share some thoughts on the Raptor's first round, Jonas Valanciunas and Steve Nashing coming to Toronto.


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