RaptorsHQ and CanBall Report on CBC's "The National," Tonight!

Hey folks, exciting news for us here at the HQ as the site was asked to be part of a story regarding the NBA lockout that airs tonight on CBC's "The National." The story will cover the lockout from a Toronto-perspective mainly, including impact on local business etc, but will contain some footage of myself, our Canball writer Ray Bala and one of our readers, Jamie Bennett, watching some vintage NBA games and discussing the lockout situation. The National airs at 10 PM EST on CBC TV, and 9 PM EST on CBC Newsworld.

Charles Oakley, Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady on "Off the Record" Today

We discussed this a bit in the comments section of the site but just a reminder that Oak, VC and T-Mac are being reunited today via TSN, on their "Off The Record" program, hosted by Michael Landsberg. Could be an interesting chat, and I'm hoping Michael touches on not only those "glory years," but also on a myriad of other things, from how the trio views Toronto as a sports' town, to any regrets they have about how that short era ended. The episode airs in a few hours at 5 PM EST and if you miss it due to work, it gets replayed at 6:30 on TSN2.

He doesn't look out of shape to me. IamAmirJohnson RT @hadisworld: Great workout session with...


He doesn't look out of shape to me. IamAmirJohnson RT @hadisworld: Great workout session with @jonnyroxxmusic @iamamirjohnson @thisisveezy247 #lockedin About 6 hours ago by Amir Johnson Toronto Raptors - Forward

J. Valanciunas: "I am honored to serve as a model for youth

Translated using Google J. Valanciunas: "I am honored to serve as a model for youth In October 2011. 22 11:07 His age - 19-year-old Jonas Valanciunas - quite thoughtful. Facing the basketball star, is the second Sabonis, winning all of their old European championships and world championship - an incredible humble. NBA newcomers exchange for the 5th number, whom he praised the "Toronto Raptors" club - a surprisingly disinterested. Orally, belongs to the type of people who after a decade nesimatymo want to say: "You have not changed at how much." Belarusian sports website to Vilnius Lithuania morning club Centers talking not only about basketball. - Many basketball experts you baptized in the second Sabonis. How do you assess such a compliment? - Arvydas - the most prominent Lithuanian basketball player of all time, because such comparisons can be uncomfortable. However, I have to justify such compliments need to excel in many aspects of the game. Therefore, I spend most praise through the ears - I'm afraid that too much praise can I stop improving and unrealized me all the natural gifts and potential parents. Neužstrigčiau that way, keep looking around and looking for examples, which I follow. For the new generation Lithuanian basketball - Sarunas Jasikevicius, Darius Songaila and others too good as Sarunas Marciulionis and Rimas Kurtinaitis generation of stars. I want to be equal to or better than the men: the same strong spirit, unyielding duels and helpful team. If, while working, maybe one day the young players will compare with me. But so far I'm only at the beginning of the road. more on link to story

According to Reports, Raptors To Hire Ed Stefanski

Well, that's that. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Dinos are finalizing an agreement with Ed Stefanski that would make him the Raptors' new executive VP of basketball operations. GM he is not. And as per Woj's post, as expected, Bryan Colangelo will still have the final say on decisions. But regardless, this is not exactly a good news story considering that of the initial four reported candidates for Toronto's open position, Stefanski was at best, third, on most people's wish lists. We've already dug into Ed and his outlook as a member of Toronto's front office but we'll discuss more in the following days.


Stefanski is the man, but will he be allowed to be the man?

AM Productions - Amir's New Entertainment Company

Check it out. I kind of expected him to do something like this. Nice job

Could NBA2K12 Replace a "Locked-Out" NBA Season?

So maybe we get some semblance of a season after all? Based on yesterday's lockout talks, it seems that both sides actually made some progress, coming closer to a 50/50 split in terms of revenue split. It's an encouraging piece of news, but hardly one to start celebrating. We've heard a good number of "false positives" already in this whole mess, so it's hard to pull out your Raptors' schedule in order to plan your TV viewing just yet. Or is it? We've been kicking the idea around internally for a while, but wanted to throw it out to our readership this morning. If there is no NBA season this year, how interested would everyone be in a fake one? Thanks to the video game NBA2K12, it's quite possible to play out the season as if there were no labour issues at all. So we'd love to gauge your interest in this as readers. Would you be interested in reading previews and recaps to a fake season? What about actively participating in terms of taking on a team? We've already got some of the other SB Nation bloggers on board for such an endeavour, but want to get a feel from fans as to how good of an idea they think this would be. I personally think it would be pretty funny to read recaps about Andy Rautins dropping 42 on the Raps, but would this only be amusing for a short period of time? Would it get stale over 82 games? Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this as we wait on the outcome of today's negotiating session...

Raptors’ DeRozan pleads for patience from fans

Eric Koreen Oct 14, 2011 – 3:00 PM ET If not for the current NBA labour dispute, DeMar DeRozan would be in Toronto right now. He would be watching as the seasons change, probably complaining about the pre-season that always seems to drag on. Instead, he is in Los Angeles, where the Raptors shooting guard says it is scorching. And he is living at home with his parents. "They might kick me out," DeRozan said in a phone interview on Thursday. "They might give me an eviction notice or something." Luckily for the sanity of both DeRozan and his parents, the 22-year-old face of the Raptors is keeping himself busy. He opened up about his schedule, his game, his team and, of course, the lockout

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