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Some Thoughts on the Raptors and Mediocrity


Yesterday we took a look at the perils of mediocrity here at the HQ. Today, the newest member of the HQ team, Zach Salzmann, flips the coin and wonders if sneaking into the playoffs, isn't so bad...

Raptors Add Coach Bayno and Guard Buycks


The Toronto Raptors are reportedly about to add two new members to their 2013 roster, an Assistant Coach, and a back-up point guard. The HQ takes quick look at two "know unknowns."

Are the Raptors Headed for 33 Wins Again?


With a flurry of recent free agent activity, the HQ's Braedon Clarke revisits the Eastern Conference landscape and wonders if the Toronto Raptors will again be stuck in "no-man's land" so to speak...

Olynyk, DMNT, Lyles and more here


The DMNT are still perfect in Russia, Kelly Olynyk is making everyone stand up in Orlando, Kris Joseph officially back in Boston, Trey Lyles, Negus Webster-Chan shows out in Hawaii, an American...

Ujiri isn't going to throw players away


Raptors GM Masai Ujiri and forward Steve Novak spoke to reporters Wednesday. Ujiri preached patience.

Breaking Down the Raptors Summer League Roster


The Toronto Raptors kick off their 2013 Summer League schedule this weekend and Adam Francis takes a closer look at just who makes up the roster of "Team Point Guard."

Raptors Sign Tyler Hansbrough [Updated]


The most roughest, out of control player you hate to play against may be joining the Raptors

Raptors Roster Presents Quandry for GM Ujiri


For most NBA teams this off-season, they know where they need upgrades and where they are pretty much set. As Adam Francis notes, this isn't the case for the Toronto Raptors...

JMNT, Bennett, Olynyk, Nicholson and more here


The JMNT finishes 6th in the world, both Development Teams in Russia, Kelly Olynyk has a monster pro debut in summer league, Anthony Bennett has values, Myck Kabongo is ready to prove something,...

Three Free-Agency Fits for the Toronto Raptors


Capped out with only a few options this off-season, Adam Francis takes a look at three under-the-radar free agents who might make sense for the Toronto Raptors, and who could be had without...

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