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Canada's World Cup Hoop Dreams Crushed


Canada's attempts to showcase itself as a rising power in the international hoops world will have to be put on hold. The HQ's Braedon Clark delves into a tough end result for Team Canada at the...

The SMNT, Wiggins, NBL Canada and more here


Senior Men start high and end low in Venezuela failing to qualify for the FIBA World Cup, Andrew Wiggins is a pre-season All America selection, Braeden Anderson in an accident, some NBL Canada...

"Where's the Fun?" The Problem with Analytics


As the HQ prepares to enter a period of analysis and insight regarding the Toronto Raptors and the upcoming NBA season, Braedon Clark hopes that we don't forget why we love the game of basketball...

The Most-Hyped Acquisition in Raptors' History


With the Toronto Raptors' sordid history, finding an option for a "most-hyped" player isn't exactly an easy task...

The SMNT, Joseph, Shayok, Thompson and more here


The Senior Men are heading to the 2nd round of the FIBA Americas Championship with some strong wins, Cory Joseph has been playing incredibly, Marial Shayok has some visits lined up, Canada medals...

Richardson Reportedly Waived, Raptors Roster to 14


With reports last weekend that the Toronto Raptors have parted ways with Quentin Richardson, Adam Francis takes a quick peek at how the Dinos' roster now looks.

Poll - Biggest Raptors' Draft Disappointment?


Wait, you mean to tell me you didn't think Joey Graham was going to be a mini-LeBron??

From JYD to Jason Kapono: Flashback Lunchbox Links


It's the end of August in the NBA, and no, there's not much to discuss. However with this week being "Flashback Week" here at RaptorsHQ, we decided to roll out an edition of Lunchbox Links...

The SMNT, Stauskas, NBL Canada and more here


The Senior Men's National Team is starting their journey to qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup today, Xavier Rathan-Mayes ineligible for the year, lots of NBL Canada news, Nik Stauskas, Kia...

RaptorsHQ Talks to Lamond Murray


Last summer, I had a chance to chat with former Toronto Raptor, Lamond Murray, however I never got a chance to post the results of said talk. Continuing with our Raptors' Retro Week, it finally...

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