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Cautious Optimism About a New Raptors Era

Today's likely announcement that Bryan Colangelo will be replaced as the Toronto Raptors' President and General Manager has Adam Francis experiencing a long-dormant vantage point; optimism.

Colangelo out, but within arm's reach?

MLSE made a half decision on Bryan Colangelo, but for all intents and purpose, here in Raptorland, it's a new day and change starting at the very top.

D-Day for Raptors, Colangelo?

While it sounds more and more like Bryan Colangelo will not return as President/GM of the Toronto Raptors, fans may be waiting a little longer before getting the final word on the situation.

Raptors Replacing Colangelo with Ujiri?

It's Office Space at MLSE!

Wiggins, Nash, Wiggins and Nash all right here

Andrew Wiggins news dominated the last few days including a possible future shoe company bidding war, Steve Nash is still looking to finish out his Lakers contract, Malcolm Duvivier and Mikyle McIntosh commit south, Warren Ward in Canadian Content.

Raptors Continue to Look Lost at Sea

The indecision regarding the status of Toronto Raptors' President and GM Bryan Colangelo continues to paint MLSE as an organization lost in the NBA woods.

Valanciunas Named To NBA's All-Rookie Second Team

Hey, this past NBA season wasn't a complete disaster for the Toronto Raptors. They did have a certain Lithuanian rookie...

Poll: How Will Colangelo Situation be Resolved?

It's likely a somber day in Toronto with the Maple Leafs losing their game seven match-up to the Boston Bruins in epic fashion last night. But perhaps some solace is on the way?

Wiggins, SWNT, Wiggins, CIS and Wiggins here

Today is the big day that Andrew Wiggins decides where he's going to school, the SWNT have a coaching staff, Wiggins is deciding today, Will Njoku, the Canada West is expanding again and don't forget Wiggins is deciding today here in Canadian Content

Colangelo to be extended/replaced/resign

There are suddenly a number of ways this Bryan Colangelo situation could unfold now, but regardless, it sounds like we'll have the final answer in the next 72 hours.

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