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Canadian Content

We have the Cadet Men making it three straight, some guys are Top 100 and more in today's Canadian Content.

Raptors "close" to signing unnamed mid-level free agent

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith reports that, according to league sources, the Raptors are "close" to reaching an agreement in principle with a free agent to take up some, if not all, of the team’s so-called mid-level salary cap exception. No names became immediately apparent, however, and the Raptors staff has maintained a cone of silence over all free-agent movement since the negotiating period began Canada Day. Names being mentioned by Smith include Ryan Gomes of Minnesota, Matt Barnes and J.J. Redick of Orlando, Ronnie Brewer of Memphis, and Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers. Personally, if the Raptors are going to spend the mid-level exception on a wing player, I'd rather see that money go to Josh Childress. UPDATE: The Raptors also released their Las Vegas summer league roster.

Hurrying up to Wait

Hurrying up to Wait - Raptors HQ's collection of thoughts regarding CB4's free agency and Bryan Colangelo's limited options

Raptors Souring on Bosh Sign-and-Trade Idea?

It looks like Raptors' fans are going to have to wait another day or so before they find out just where Chris Bosh is headed. Now however, they might not want to expect anything in return for the former All-Star's services. is reporting that Toronto is "becoming increasingly disenchanted with the idea of helping Bosh obtain a maximum contract via a sign-and-trade deal, according to a league source." Apparently the Rockets, Mavs, Spurs, Cavs and Knicks are believed to have submitted trade proposals for CB4, however none have come close to being satisfactory to Bryan Colangelo and his team. As well, in relation to what I posted earlier today, looks like fans aren't the only ones getting annoyed by Bosh's constant tweets on the process he's undergoing. Raptors' management apparently isn't too enthused by this either. And do you blame Colangelo and co. in a sense? I mean, isn't this a bit like a girl dumping you, then telling you about all the dates she's been going on with all these great guys? We'll keep abreast of the situation but safe to say that should BC pull the plug on any sign-and-trade, this definitely limits Bosh's options, both financially, and in terms of the teams he could play for.

Canadian Content

The Cadets split the first two games in Germany, lots of Canucks topping lists and more in Canadian Content.

Anyone sick of this "Bosh-watch" yet?

I had originally intended to post some thoughts on the Amir Johnson signing, but we had such an amazing outflow of discussion on the topic that I figured I'd hold off a bit. As well, it's been pretty quiet as far as the Raptors are concerned, with most of the media attention focused on the "Big 3's" and their "Free Agent Tour".... ...which I'm slightly sick of. I mean, I'm a big Chris Bosh fan and believe he's well within his rights to take his act elsewhere, but he's not exactly coming out smelling like roses in this process. Between his tweets and public statements to the media, he's starting to seem like a bigger Prima Donna than all the rest! Many of the media are noting that Bosh may actually be the lynch-pin in this whole piece. If he decides to pair up with LeBron as opposed to Dwyane or vice versa, than that may a) determine which teams James or Wade go to and b) may then set the rest of the dominos in motion regarding the likes of Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer. It's an interesting theory for sure, and makes some sense although on another hand, Bosh has stated that he wants to be in the same class as his Cleveland and Miami counterparts, and not simply a "Robin to their Batmen." My guess is that by Monday, we'll start to get some of this mess resolved.

Raptors Reportedly Re-Sign Amir Johnson

In hardly shocking news, the Toronto Raptors appear to have re-signed Amir Johnson to a 5-year $34M deal this evening. Well, the re-signing part isn't shockking, but paying Amir $7M per season...that might be... ...if this wasn't Bryan Colangelo. Yes, I'm happy that Amir, an underrated defender, rebounder and shot-blocker is back, but it's a bit of a hefty price tag for someone who still struggles with foul issues is it not? In fact, you have to wonder if Bryan Colangelo didn't back himself into a corner on this one; it sounds like teams such as Golden State were interested, and by paving the way for Chris Bosh to leave, it doesn't sound like he had much choice really...unless he wanted to kick off the Ed Davis Era. While I'm usually loathe to link to Real GM, the headline link has a good breakdown of just what Amir brings to the table. I'm just not sure that it's worth $7M when this team has a plethora of other pressing issues that need addressing.

All Quiet on the Raptors Free-Agent Front...or is it?

So after surveying the NBA Free Agency Landscape for the past 8 hours or so, not much news for Toronto Raptors' fans. There are some squeaks about Toronto trying to get in on an Amar'e Sign-and-Trade scenario apparently...but a) I'm not sure how that's possible at this point and b) I think that's about as likely as Hedo deciding to retire in a month thus clearing his contract from the books. That's not to say there hasn't been lots of news for other teams. So far it seems that all the "poor owners have no money" talk has been SLIGHTLY exaggerated considering with each new signing announcement, (Darko, Drew Gooden, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay), NBA GM's are trying to one-up each other in ridiculousness. Keep it locked here on SB Nation's Free-Agent watch though for all updates, and we'll check back in later today.

Canadian Content

We got Myck and Kyle bringing home Bronze, the All Canada Game mix, too much high school ball and lots more in today's Canadian Content.

Free Agency Madness - Your Take on Dwyane Wade

Up next...Mr. Wade.

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