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Canadian Content


We have the Senior Men, Tristan Thompson, Simon Fraser and a lot more in today's edition of Canadian Content.

Raptors Announce 2010-11 Broadcast Schedule aka the TSN II Fiasco All Over Again


You know that classic quote, "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat their mistakes in the future?" Well it's pretty appropriate at this moment as the Toronto Raptors broadcast schedule was released about a half hour ago. All 82 games will be broadcast in High Def and televised nationally, with TSN and TSN2 televising 47 Raptors contests across Canada, including the conference finals and select playoff games, NBA All-Star Weekend coverage, including the 60th annual All-Star Game on February 20 from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, and exclusive Canadian coverage of the NBA Finals. Rogers Sportsnet and its new national sports channel Sportsnet One will be the home for 35 Raptors regular season games. It will also air at least 35 regular season contests and have the broadcast rights to 22 NBA playoff games, as well as Toronto's match-ups in England against the New Jersey Nets. Aka, here we go again. Just like the TSN II mess, now Raptors' fans who don't have access to this station will be up a creek without a paddle. There's probably sound economics behind their decision, but at face value, I can't for the life of me understand why the team wants to make it harder for fans to watch this team. Especially considering what could be a rough season, and the television ratings for the club as is. In any event, more to come on this for sure, but definitely frustrating for those without the channel who were looking forward to a full 82 game HD spread. On a final note, back calling the action this year for the Raps will be Matt Devlin, who again will be joined by cronies Leo Rautins (on Sportsnet and Sportsnet One channels) and Jack Armstrong (TSN and TSN2.) I'd say this wasn't a good thing, but after watching Canada's performance at the World's I'd argue it's better than having Leo coach.

Why Didn't the Raptors Play More Zone Last Season?


Why Didn't the Raptors Play More Zone Last Season? - The HQ argues that Triano should go all zone next season.

0 - 3? What Up Wit Dat?!?!


0 - 3? What Up Wit Dat?!?! The Can Ball put the question to its Twitter fam and we examined the answers ...

Canadian Content


Today we have another close lose for the Senior Men, Myck and Kyle again plus a lot more in Canadian Content.

Has the Raptors' Defence Improved This Off-Season?


Has the Raptors' Defence Improved this Off-Season?- Analysis of Toronto player moves from a defensive standpoint.

Canada Basketball


Today we have lots of Senior Men's news, Wiltjer a 'Cat, Cory and Tristan, Triano & more in Canada Basketball.

Sunday Thought - Early Take on Linas Kleiza


Sunday Thought - Early Take on Linas Kleiza. Quick thoughts by Raptors HQ on Kleiza's play so far in Turkey.

The Senior Men Line 'Em Up


The Senior Men Line 'Em Up - The Can Ball Report weighs in on this summer's final roster ...

Canadian Content ... Roster Edition


Canadian Content ... Roster Edition. We have all the stories that refer to the Senior Mens' lineup for Turkey

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