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We Have the Senior Women, Andrew Wiggins, Andrew Nicholson And a Lot More in Canadian Content

Today we have a lot from the Senior Women's National Team front, Andrew Wiggins the summer MVP, Andrew Nicholson knows his roots and more in Canadian Content.

Lunchbox Links - PJ Tucker vs Raptors, Valanciunas PT, Brandon Roy's Retirement and More

RaptorsHQ Lunchbox Links - all the Raptors news and rumours you can eat in one sitting!

Tempering Expectations on Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas

RaptorsHQ looks at the early careers of NBA big men like Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noan in hopes of tempering expectations around Raptors' rookie Jonas Valanciunas...

We Have Lots of the Senior Women, Andrew Wiggins, Nash and the Whitecaps and More in Canadian Content

We have lots of Senior Women's Team news, Andrew Wiggins, Nash trying to convert Kobe to the Whitecaps, some NBL Canada news and more in Canadian Content ...

The Fourth Quarter the Difference Maker for the Senior Women

A tough loss to Russia and a tough win over Great Britain. What was the difference for Canada? Being able to closeout the fourth quarter. Can Ball Ray takes a look at this between the two contests...

The Senior Women Get Their First Olympic Win in 12 Years

The Senior Women's National Team earned their first Olympic victory outlasting Great Britiain 73-65 to even their record at 1-1 in London.

Should Raptors Fans Be Excited About The Arrival Of Jonas Valanciunas?

Raptors HQ's Chris Walder takes a look at Jonas Valanciunas.

We Have the Senior Women, Anthony Bennett Eligible, Devoe Joseph Signs and More in Canadian Content

Today we have lots from the Senior Women in London, Anthony Bennett is eligible at UNLV, Devoe Joseph signs his first pro contract, legendary coach Ken Shields at the Olympics and more in Canadian...

Sunday Poll - How Many Games Will Raptors' Win Based on Their Schedule?


Yesterday we took a guess at just how many wins the Toronto Raptors would finish the 2012-13 NBA season with. We looked at wins produced, win shares, wins at the Air Canada Center versus away, wins...

Breaking Down the Toronto Raptors' 2012-13 NBA Schedule


RaptorsHQ breaks down the 2012-13 NBA Schedule for the Toronto Raptors.

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