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"We're Number 103!" Examining the Raptors ESPN Ultimate Standings Ranking

RaptorsHQ looks at ESPN's 2012 Ultimate Standings rankings for the Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors' Greatest All-Time NBA Rivals

RaptorsHQ lists their top picks for the Toronto Raptors' greatest all-time NBA rivals...

We Have Trey Lyles, Joel Anthony, Tyler Ennis, Andrew Wiggins and More in Canadian Content

We have Trey Lyles opening his recruiting, a nice look at Tyler Ennis, CIA Bounce TV with Tristan Thompson, Joel Anthony at hte NBA 3X on the east coast, Draft Express has Young Wiggins as their #1...

Poll - The Toronto Raptors Have the Biggest Rivalry With...

Celtics-Lakers. Bulls-Pistons. Knicks-Pacers. Lakers-Kings. Thunder-Heat? These are some of the NBA's all-time great rivalries from the past, and potentially the future (the last entry in...

Raptors HQ Takes a Closer Look at Forward Dominic McGuire

RaptorsHQ breaks down potential free agent signing Dominic McGuire.

We Have the Paralympic Men Golden, Tristan Thompson, Rob Sacre Signs and More in Canadian Content

We start off with the Paralympic Men bringing home the Gold from London, Robert Sacre signs his Laker contract, the Saint John Mill Rats bring a player back and a lot more in this edition of...

A Sneak Peak at the Future of RaptorsHQ and SB Nation

A sneak peak at the new logo of RaptorsHQ, and the future of the site and SB Nation as a whole.

We Have the Wheelchair Men Looking for Gold, Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Pangos, Justin Jackson and More in Canadian Content

We have the Wheelchair Men heading for a rematch with Australia for the Gold, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Olynyk on the Score, the Windsor Express get their court, Kevin Pangos on FIBA, Justin Jackson...

Biggest Disappointment in Raptors History: The Rise and Fall of Vince Carter.


Raptor fans are no stranger to disappointment. This comes with the territory when following a team that has made the playoffs just 5 times in 18 years, and only once making the second round....

Video - Vince Carter - The Biggest Disappointment in Raptors' History?

RaptorsHQ presents a video breakdown of why Vince Carter is the biggest disappointment in Raptors' history...

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