Who would you trade Demar for?

Now that our roster is completed for next season, let us move on to an area of discontent for some Raptors fans. Some people here like to rag on Demar. He is not a perfect player, too ball dominant at times and not a great defender. Not to mention he plays the same position as Ross, a player many of us believe has a higher ceiling.

So I guess the question is who do you feel would upgrade our roster if we moved Demar? He is under contract at a reasonable 9.5 million, and has 3 more years on his deal. We will have cap room next offseason, plus 2 1st rounders, including the lower pick among NY and Denver's picks, which could be in the mid to late lottery. So if we were going to make a trade, who would you move DD for?

Here are some realistic possibilities (Paul George, Lebron and Kevin Durant are not realistic):

Carmelo Anthony

He is an elite scorer, and is still in his prime. If he returns to New York this offseason, but gets jaded quickly and bored of losing, maybe he could be had. He would be an interesting fit here in Toronto, and we could start Ross at SG and bring back Lou if he has a good year. GV plays SG for some minutes also, so it wouldn't really hurt our backcourt. This would prevent us from having any shot at KD though...

Price: Demar Derozan and 1-2 1st rounders

Nic Batum

Portland could use some more scoring from the wing, and Demar provides that. Batum is a more well rounded player, and would be better for the Raptors as a complimentary, jack of all trade types. Batum is a better outside shooter, better rebounder, and better defender. He doesn't get to the line as often Demar, and has never functioned as the a go-to scorer like Demar has. Wesley Matthews has similar skills to Batum, although he is a bit shorter and is more of a shooting guard. Batum is slightly more expensive, and about the same age, but he is a free agent in 2016 which happens to coincide with the summer of Durant.

Price: Straight up

These are the only 2 realistic upgrades at this point, since we really do not have a need for upgrades at PG, PF, or C with Lowry, Vasquez, Patterson, Amir Johnson, and Valencunis all under contract currently. Would you make either of these deals? Do you see another player out there that you feel would be an upgrade? Tell us who in the comments...

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