SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: Raptors Trade 20th Pick for Thaddeus Young

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

SB NationIn SB Nation's fake NBA draft, currently underway, the Toronto Raptors have dealt away the 20th overall pick in order to acquire Thad Young. Discuss.

I pulled the trigger.

Thad Young is now a fake Toronto Raptor.

SB Nation's been holding its annual blogger mock draft and GM Michael Levin, of the Sixers blog Liberty Ballers, reached out about Terrence Ross' availability.  I wasn't too keen on moving T-Ross unless I was getting something very nice in return, so those initial talks faded fast.

But Levin, like his alter ego, Sam Hinkie, was in the market for extra draft picks and dangled Thaddeus Young as bait.

And I scooped it up.

Our two-way trade, which also involved me shipping John Salmons out of town as fast as humanly possible, then turned into a three-team deal resulting in:

MAVS ACQUIRE: Pick 20, Jason TerryArnett Moultrie
SIXERS ACQUIRE: John SalmonsRicky LedoShane LarkinWayne Ellington, 2015 Dallas Unprotected 1st, 2017 NYK 2nd rounder

Philly ends up with Salmons' contract so they can buy him out, and they flip our 20th pick, and one of the second-rounders acquired from the Knicks via the Bargs deal last offseason, to the Dallas Mavericks for a boatload of youngsters.

I'm thrilled.

The way I see it, getting a player of Thad Young's caliber who can help out at two positions on the floor, wasn't likely to occur with the 20th overall pick.  I like Ennis and Payne and Adams and a bevy of other players, but they're not going to have a big impact next season in all likelihood, and anyone picked at that 20th spot has a very small probability of turning into a player of Young's ilk.  Remember, Young is a plus contributor at both ends of the floor, and can alleviate some of the pressure on the 3/4 spots even if Patrick Patterson departs for greener pastures.  He's a nice advanced stats guy and even produced a positive number of wins on last year's horrendous Sixers club.

In addition, the club has two picks left in the draft, and I'd argue there isn't a huge difference between the production the team would get from the 20th pick, and the 37th.

And finally as a bonus, getting a guy like Young, who was in consideration for an All-Star spot just two seasons ago, ends up being another piece in the Raptors' plan to convince Kyle Lowry to stick around.  This gives him instant help and a versatile player who can give Toronto the boost it needs in a few different areas.

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