The RaptorsHQ 2014 NBA Draft Board - Version 1.0

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NBA Draft is still over a month away, but being that its our favourite time of the year, we thought we'd get an early start...

Tomorrow night, the NBA draft lottery takes place as the dregs of the NBA bring out their various lucky charms to try and coax an Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker out of the ol lottery bin.

But for once the Toronto Raptors won't be one of those teams represented amongst the dregs.  The Raptors do have a draft pick, but it's of the latter variety, 20th overall as the club looks to find a diamond in the rough near the end of the first round.

We've got a few ideas here at the HQ in terms of who we'd be interested in seeing Toronto take a flyer on, and to that end we're rolling out the first edition of our annual draft board.  Below we've ranked 10 players who would make sense for the Dinos, and who hopefully will all be around when Toronto makes its selection.

So unfortunately there's no Tyler Ennis, Noah Vonleh or Aaron Gordon on the list, three of my faves in this draft. Although obviously if one of these, or a player like Nik Stauskas fell to the Raps, there'd be high-fives all around. The list below is limited to likely late first-rounders based on a variety of mock drafts.  They are ranked in current order of preference, but we'd like to emphasize how early it is in the process and there's still a lot of game tape, analytics, and workout footage to go through.

Luckily my Rogers PVR is stocked to the brim and SB Nation and Draft Express have combined to put together some great video footage as well so we should be all set come draft day.

We'll be breaking down each of the players on the list below, as well as various others as we creep closer to the draft but we'd love to hear your early thoughts on who Toronto should be considering with their 20th overall pick, and any sleepers for the club's second round selections as well.

RaptorsHQ Rank





TJ Warren


6-8, 220lbs - NC State


Adreian Payne


6-10, 239lbs - Michigan St.


Rodney Hood


6-8, 208lbs - Duke


Jerami Grant


6-8, 214lbs - Syracuse


Cleanthony Early


6-7, 209lbs - Wichita St.


Elfrid Payton


6-4, 185lbs - La Lafayette


Zach Lavine


6-6, 181lbs - UCLA


Shabazz Napier


6-1, 175lbs - UCONN


Glenn Robinson


6-7, 211lbs - Michigan


KJ McDaniels


6-6,196lbs - Clemson

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