Raptors vs Nets - Game 2 Post Game

Raptors vs Nets - Game 2 Post Game

Series tied 1-1; Raptors win 100-95

Lay down for what? Not the Nets, that's for sure! Now show of hands: who honestly thought that Brooklyn was gonna sweep Toronto? Who know who you are!

Again, Brooklyn came out the gates strong and dirty, pounding the Raptors to an early 8-1 lead. Then Toronto stormed back and went on a 11-3 run to counter and went up by as much as 11 in the 1st half. Brooklyn, as expected, made their run, going up by 2 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Remember DeMar DeRozan's game 1 performance? 14 points on 3-13 shooting? Well he had 17 of his game high 30 points in the 4th quarter as Toronto outscored Brooklyn 36-29 to outlast the Nets and take Game 2. The good: Raptors beat the Nets on the glass, and it wasn't even close. 52-30. The bad: the Raptors had 21 turnovers... That's 40 total in the last two games... AT HOME! That's unacceptable, no matter what the excuse is... Period

It's X-Factor Time:

1. The crowd: I was in "Jurassic Park" last night, was on TSN with Cabbie, on the front cover of 24 News with rowdy Raptors fans and lost my voice in the process. Raptors fans rock! And that was only outside! Inside was just as electric as outside. Compared to Golden State or OKC fans, Raptors fans are NUTS!

2. Bench Play: Raptors: 23, Nets: 30. Jason Kidd went deeper into his bench, getting more production out of Teletovic, Plumlee, Anderson and AK47. The Raptors worked a tight 8-man rotation. Vasquez had 11, Patterson had 12.

3. Williams: D. Will had a solid outing, but was held to 15 points. Remember, if has 20+, good things happen for Brooklyn. Good on Toronto for containing him.

4. Landry Fields Sighting!: Landry Fields made his triumphant return to the Raptors rotation! And boy, was I right about his defensive impact! DeRozan and Ross couldn't hold down Joe Johnson... Field did. Pierce gave Amir Johnson and Patrick Patterson fits. Fields held his own. He didn't score, but he was certainly an upgrade from John Salmons, who saw ZERO playing time last night!

5. DeRozan's Bounce Back Game!: As I said earlier, 14 points on Saturday, 13 thru 3 quarters and 17 in the 4th last night for 30 total points. Stage fright? I think not!

Interesting Developments:

1. Boards vs Turnovers: 97-67. That's the rebound difference in two games with Toronto beating out the Nets... The problem, the Raptors also beat the Nets in turnovers 40-18. Something HAS to give.

2. Officiating: I've been highly critical of the refs all season, with all teams, not just the Raptors. Here's the thing: we're the point where Raptors cannot focus on the refs. It's not going to be easy. It's not going to pretty. But it's not going to get better. This is the playoffs, and as such, the Raptors MUST play as if they won't get any calls. I won't like it, but that's how it must be.

3. Ross: Terrence Ross has struggled in both home games, and it begs the question: can he bounce back in Brooklyn? I think he's still suffering from stage fright.

4. #WhatKGSaid: Everyone was up in arms with #WhatMasaiSaid (that was the sign that netted me an interview with Cabbie). But KG took it farther by saying the following:
"36 points. That's too many points, for anybody. Preschool, little league, YMCA, Raptors...too many points. "It's going to be a rowdy environment, like it should be. I don't know if you can say 'F-Brooklyn' and then come into Brooklyn. So we 'bout to see what it's like."
The man is comparing the Raptors to Preschool, little league, and YMCA... I can't repeat what the fans were chanting last night at #PartyintheSquare, but you can use your imagination. This series got too personal too quick. KG is a punk.

Next Game: Friday @7PM

Raptors will be walking into a shark tank the same way Brooklyn did. They need to play disciplined and clean up the sloppiness. It has to be all hands on deck to win at least one game in BK. The battle of respect continues, as both teams not really playing particularly well (playoff style ball). The whistle calls will be tighter. The plays will be more physical. Again, it's gonna come down to who wants it more.


Raptors take Game 3, win by 1.

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