Raptors vs Nets NBA Playoff Links - Wherefore Art Thou DeRozan?

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Mmmm...Lunchbox Links for Monday, April 21 2014. All the Nets vs Raptors links you can chow down on!

SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Lotta links this afternoon as the Toronto Raptors prepare for Game 2 of their playoff series vs the Brooklyn Nets tomorrow night.  A good chunk of these focus on DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors' All-Star wing who was a virtual no-show for the opening match on Saturday.  The Nets though played a giant part in this, constantly forcing him into tough shots, or into a facilitator role, not exactly one of DeMar's strengths.

He's spent a good chunk of time in the film room in between games and has vowed to be much more aggressive tomorrow night  however so we'll see how this goes.


Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan looks to be more agressive after ugly Game 1 against Brooklyn Nets | National Post

History repeats in DeRozan's playoff debut - Sportsnet.ca

Raptors All-Star DeRozan a no-show in playoff debut | New York Post

Video: DeMar DeRozan vs Nets in Game 1 - It's Not Pretty | Raptors Republic: ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog

DeMar DeRozan, Raptors glad playoff jitters behind them - CBC Sports - Basketball - NBA

DeMar DeRozan vows to get more aggressive after rough Game 1

Raptors must make defensive adjustments to stop Nets pick-and-roll | Raptors | Sports | Toronto Sun

ESPN likely caused shot clock outage during Raptors playoff game; Toronto miffed at refs | National Post

Raptors focus on Game 2 | New York Post

Ujiri's rallying cry ushers in new Raps identity - Sportsnet.ca

Raptors make good use of their coming-out party - The Globe and Mail

Raptors-Nets series getting front-page tabloid treatment | Raptors | Sports | Toronto Sun

Pierce pleads ignorance of Raptors GM’s ‘F— Brooklyn’ rant | New York Post

Raptors GM’s vulgarity was a much-needed outburst of honesty | New York Post

Raptors Fan in Bad Times Tastes the Good - NYTimes.com


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