10 thoughts with the playoffs approaching

1. Being at a game recently I have to wonder wtf is up with the Maple Leaf Beer cups at Raptors games. I mean, for christs sake, MLSEL cant even produce Raptors cups? It looks stupid on TV and its a joke that the white guys in sweaters and skates get every afforded opportunity while the NBA team is essentially treated like a renter. Or worse. A Canadiens fan.

2. I know there was a movement to get the name of the team changed from the Raptors but IM glad it has sort of tailed off over the last few months. The Raps are one of the official first predators of...uh earth. Tell me who would win in a fight?

Raptor vs A Celtic

Raptor vs A Knickerbocker

Raptor vs A Timberwolf

Raptor vs Magic (maybe Magic would win that one, WIzards too, and of course the ba-dum joke, The Heat)

Raptor vs A Net, A Bobcat, A Hawk, Piston, Cavalier, Pacer, Buck?

All team names are ridiculous (except the aforementioned Magic, Heat, Wizard). Ours just happens to be THE MOST ridiculous. Lets keep it that way.

3.Anything prettier than a free flowing transition Triple from Terrro? How about a flying two handed crush jam from JoVa? Baseline Cut from Double D? Those are all awesome but Jack Armstrongs "Git that garbage outta here" is once again trending into one of my top 3 things of a raps broadcast.

4. JoVa getting hit with the DUI. Hes 21. He got caught. Move on.

5. Does anyone else compare the state of being a Raptors fan vs being a Leafs fan? My Leafs friends are utterly miserable. Again. When will they learn?

6. Anyone else hoping that Nik Stauskas is around for the Raptors in the middle end of the draft? The Lithuanian Two Step with Jova and Nik. Yes please.

7. Kyle Lowry is rubbing off on Double D. The way those guys lena into shooting fouls is a thing of absolute beauty. It could generate the raptors an extra 3 or 4 points a night in the playoffs, crucial points in the Playoffs when the scoring gets tough.

8. Bigger surprise (be honest)

Dwane Casey getting the opportunity to coach this year and being frigging amazing (the wonders of a healthy team and a commitment to D) or Double D's 'jump'?

9. I love the Raptors chances over the next 2 months.

10. Nobody will beat Miami Lebron.

10a. Durant grew up loving the Raptors? uh, KD as our stretch 4 in 2 years with DD, The Terror and Jova running up and down the court with him.

Lets be clear here. The only thing yet to be accomplished in the NBA, the last frontier, is bringing a championship North to Canada.

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