True Bledsoe?

Could it be that Ujiri's first move as GM could be to trade two pillars of the BC era?

DeRozan and Bargs for Bledsoe and the salary-matching fodder of Caron Butler and Willie Green?

The ESPN Trade Machine says it's possible:

I like it. I don't care that Bledsoe's detractors point to his deficiencies as a "true" pass-first point guard - his physicality alone is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Bring it on I say.

Jetison Rudy Gay as well though, right? I mean, because this would be as much about shedding our skin of mediocrity - rubbing against the rocks and hard places that come with the territory on the way to a re-birth. Shed those three contracts and you're looking at a 2013 Ferry-like tear-down.

That's right. I'm talking about a season of wrecklessly experimental, youth-serving, run-and-gun play with a healthy dose of determination on defense and transition and 3's on offense. Speaking of threes, it's Terrence Ross time. Can he hang? Let's find out. Let's also see if Acy can be the first big off the bench in this high-octane, small-ball world we live in. Obviously the starting power-forward spot is for Amir, and it's time to usher in a from-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire development of Jonas. He's ready for that kind of challenge - it's not like he'll be facing the bloodbaths of the 90's.

As for that elephant in the room, yeah, sure let's sacrifice the standings. It's not just Wiggins waiting in the wings, after all. The 2014 draft is rife with springs of hope not seen since '03...remember that? The Raps are due for a good draft, aren't they? I mean geez, there's got to be some positive result to come from suffering through Oakley's behind-the-back passes in crunch time, bad coaching, fake superstars, bloated contracts, Jamarion Moon, the disappearance of Keon, Garbo's leg, and so on ad nauseum, right?

Which is to say, I'd settle for a team that is losing but not from lack of teeth-gritting effort. Diving for loose balls. Youthful exuberance causing turnovers. "Players fouling out, sir"? "Why, yes, good chap"! I want to cheer for a team lacking even ONE ambivalent, sad-sack, shell of a ball player. Nice guys? Sure, if they're also capable of accidental man-slaughter when they take it to the rim or attempted suicide when trying to draw a charge.

I'm sick of delusional fans, I'm sick of BEING one, what with my blind faith and optimistic outlook. Tear it down I say!

May it rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Tony Dumas style - for those who know.

Go Raps.

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