Jenge's Draft (Not Beer)

Draft picks.

We have none in the upcoming draft.

Should we buy/trade for one?

I'm not talking lottery pick here, as Jenge is a cheap SOB (why do you think I belong to the RHQ? - hint - it's for the cheapness).

What I am jabbering on about, is the need for the Raptors to try and emulate the great draft acumen of San Antonio, and pull off a move where our beloved Raps go out and get a late 1st round draft pick at some rock bottom price, say by offering up the ghosts of Hassan Adams and Georgios Printezis as trade bait, and then drafting a player who will go on to have a long and fruitful Raptor career. Nothing earth shattering... just search for a plain old solid basketball player with the promise of good mileage.

Impossible you say?! You claim we have nothing to offer for draft picks unless we manage to move the likes of Bargnani, Kleiza or DeRozan?! Fiddlesticks is my reply to you. Fiddlesticks!! Or have some of you Raptor fans already forgotten this Ace-in the-hole of blue-chip shark-bait for us to chum the water with? Who could resist sending us a late 1st Rounder or two bogus 2nd Rounders in return for this! Better yet, what would we do with an acquired late draft pick in a weak draft? We've got to have some targets people....

Jenge has one answer: Draft PG Erick Green from Virginia Tech to back up PG Kyle Lowry. Green was one of the most efficient scorers in the NCAA, has a crazy-good assist/turnover ratio, is awesome in the pick'n'roll, and has good one-on-one defense. He just sucks at team D. So what's the harm? Seems like a great move for our Raps' next year considering we need a rookie to play PG who will let the opponent almost score at will to ensure the tank achieves its goal.

Based on DX rankings we might have been able to grab Erick Green with our 2nd Rounder that we dealt to Memphis for Rudy Gay. What's that you say? F*&^n wonderful...? I was just thinking that to my very self.

Thank you for caring to read this, and happy drafting you crazy Raptor fans.

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