The Toronto Nuggets

Time for ceiling talk. There are 25 or so teams in the league who wish they could acquire a supreme talent to build a dynasty around. The Raptors are not the exception, they are the rule. There is no need to feel sorry for ourselves regarding our situation. The hard fact is, we need to work within the mind-set that until we fluke into a true superstar, we need to be pro-active to build the best product we can.

I understand that the only way we can get that supreme talent is to be lucky enough to draft him. I get it.

But the other fact is, you can't run a professional team with the intent to lose until you hit that lottery.

If you're lucky, eventually your well built, competitive team needs to be torn down and that bottoming out rebuild nets you your saviour. But, as is the case with the other 24 teams without a Lebron or Durant, it takes a near miracle. The right lottery draw in the right draft class with the right GM with the absence of an injury to the saviour, etc. etc. etc.

So, I look at the roster we have and the state of our front office and realize we are not hitting the reset button, we are in "competitive mode". Where is that going to get us?

I think this team's peak potential is to become the East's Denver Nuggets.

A collection of near All-Stars, maybe even a single-serving All Star or two, along with a bunch of disciplined role players who really enjoy playing together and produce exciting basketball, that gets into the playoffs, maybe even to the second round a few times. They have a run of 4 or 5 years where they look like they are "on the edge" of greatness and are a really tough night for any team in the league. Then, some players leave for bigger money (although if BC stuck around the big money comes from within.) some players get hurt, some players get old, some get disgruntled, whatever, the team needs to reset.

Then we suffer through a season or two of attempting to draft that saviour, and we start again.

I see a lot of similarities between our team and Denver, which excites me on one hand and disappoints me on the other. It will be fun to watch them rise to relevancy and sad to watch them hit their peak and fade away.

But that's what 25 teams do every year, dream of giant-slaying and glory while trying to be palatable to watch.

We aren't the exception, we are the rule.

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