Raptors vs Pistons Final Score: Dinos Blow Out Pistons 99 - 82


After a fairly neck-and-neck affair in the first half, the Toronto Raptors used a 53 to 37 second half to defeat the Detroit Pistons. HQ intern Mohamed Mohamed gives the quick overview of how this one went down...

I guess Dwyane Casey didn't listen to the people here at Raptors HQ pleading to tank because the Raps whipped the Pistons 99-82 facing their old teammate Jose Calderon. Let's get to the Good, Bad, and Meh of tonight's classic.


  • Rudy Gay had probably the quietest "19 point quarter explosion" I've ever seen in an NBA game. He was great in that quarter and the fact that he was 3/4 from the 3pt line helped his efficiency tonight. The guy only needed 14 shots to get his 21 points. Go Efficiency!
  • I know it might not be customary to say something good about the opponent but It was cool to see the Raps play against Jose in the Rudy Gay era. There was also a couple of PnR sets with him and Drummond that got me to smile reflecting on the same PnR's he doled out while a Raptor.
  • There was one sequence in the first half when Drummond and Monroe just played volleyball at the rim and eventually led to a Drummond dunk. That's the future Detroit!
  • JV and Amir combined for 34 points and 21 rebounds tonight against the Pistons on a variety of running hooks, jumpers, slams etc.... That forward combo has probably been the best thing about watching the Raptors this year.
  • Kyle Lowry did a nice Jose Calderon impression (Who ever thought I would say that) dishing out 11 assists to just 3 turnovers. See guys, he CAN play the PG position!!!
  • My crush on Jonas Jerebko continued tonight. I swear to you, he'll play a big role on a playoff team soon.
  • This Brandon Jennings Monta Ellis NBA commercial proves once again that David Stern is awesome:


  • This might not be "taboo bad", but DeMar took 20 shots to get his 21 points and too many times, he settled for contested fadeaways in the mid post. DeMar better come into next year with even the corner three-pointer in his arsenal cause if not, this is probably as good as it gets for his development.
  • Brandon Knight sprained his ankle in the second half. From getting crossed over by Kyrie at All Star Weekend to being dunked on by DeAndre Jordan, it's been a rough season for Mr. Knight.
  • Sebastian Telfair didn't play at all today. I actually can't remember the last time he did play in a Raptor uniform. What was the point of getting him again?
  • Jose Calderon is about three years away from joining the Manu Ginobili "Bald Spot for men" club


  • Leo Rautins. That is all.

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