portland raptors

im a blazer fan from portland...i want to see the raptors make the playoffs @ #8 > beat the heat

i wasnt a fan of the raptors during the VC days because something just felt weird. it was the feeling i felt when i saw VC shoot "that 3 pt shot" only to have it inevitably miss (do raptor fans know what im talking about when i say "that 3 pt shot"? or how VC fell just shor...t). i am a fan of terrence ross (portlandia is merely a coincidence) and the raptors rudy gay trade. im aware of all the the possible negativity inherent in the trade but i side with the overall philosophy of doug collins (analytics > something to be interested in but the gut rules the gauntlet handed down from a mind able to accept but never copy numbers on a piece of paper - then how does one explain school written down on a palm?...these #s mostly tell a very specialized interpretation of the game of basketball which happens to be impossible to summarize because of the endless possibilities standing in front of a coach like doug collins as he waits for bynum or rudy gay as he plays on the opposite end of the ZBO/gasol spectrum or etc). this of course sounds like an excuse - one that "dumb" people will flock to in order to rationalize their uncivilized approach to a game i must love for continuing to read this...

despite "EVERYONE" thinking the magic trade was an embarrassment for the new orlando GM i was a huge fan of the dwight howard trade because i felt the magic won handily (people can deposit D HOWARD into the same bank housing others like iverson/etc & joe johnson & thankfully deron "(s)loan" williams & etc who do nothing but HOLD the future of a team hostage). i can go into details if one believes the opposite to be true with respect to the magic trade (i love to debate but I'm no thumbsucker). the magic finally have the bones of a good & COMPLETE team with the good fortune of riding a losing streak on their way to the 2013 draft. the raptors trade/situation is similar but a little trickier now (rudy gay was only the first step in the rudy gay trade)

each year i pick a few teams to support along with the blazers. the gay trade puts the raptors with some other "underdogs" (magic & cavs & pistons & bucks & warriors & rockets & Twolves). i like something about fresh starts and the players that gravitate towards teams looking to rebuild from "nothing"

#1 option

raptors = sessions & mozgov & diop & teletovic & shengelia

PG - lowry...sessions

SG - derozan...ross

SF - gay...shengalia...kleiza

PF - valanciunas...teletovic...acy

C - mozgov...gray

bobcats (*hornets) = humphries & fields & brooks & lucas

PG - walker...lucas

SG - brooks...taylor...gordon

SF - MKG...fields

PF - biyombo...humphries...thomas

C - len (*draft)...haywood

nets = bargnani & brewer & henderson & warrick

PG - williams...watson...taylor

SG - johnson...henderson...bogans

SF - wallace...brewer...stackhouse

PF - bargnani...evans...warrick

C - lopez...blatche...bargnani

nuggets = amir & anderson

PG - lawson...miller

SG - iguodala...chandler

SF - gallinari...chandler

PF - faried...amir

C - mcgee...koufos

how is that raptor fans? honest & include actual "basketball stuff" with any witty reply

ego alert - if "fans" question the shengalia & teletovic selections then i will keep those "marks" in place

none of this will happen so hooray for mediocrity...hooray for TDOT? (forgive my ignorance but what/who/why/how/huh is this "tdot" you pleasantly strange and northern beings speak of - i assume its just short for toronto)

weird question - what is it like being a foreign fan...of a team in the "NATIONAL" basketball association (feels closer to rodney dangerfield or tina turner?)

simpler option #2 = raptors (hawes & moultrie & wilkins) --- sixers (bargnani & gray & anderson)

raptors PG - lowry...lucas

---sixers PG - holiday...pargo...ivey

raptors SG - derozan...ross

---sixers SG - turner...richardson...nick

raptors SF - gay...fields...kleiza

---sixers SF - thaddeus...turner...wright

raptors PF - moultrie...amir...acy

---sixers PF - bargnani...allen

raptors C - valanciunas...hawes

---sixers C - bynum...gray...brown

***i dont like option #1 because valanciunas cant REALLY be a PF...& i dont like option #2 because its a Q mark and doesnt solve some of your bad contracts..."smart $ will be king in the new NBA" ~ MC

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