Rapid Recap: Nobody wanted to watch this game

Rough game? - USA TODAY Sports

If you love offense, this was not the game for you. It was ugly, and the Raptors lost it to the stronger, fiercer team.

The Raptors shot 20% after the first quarter, and 34% after three quarters.

For most of this game, I watched the Playstation 4 conference instead.

I mean, can't wait for NBA 2K14, right?

But after catching up in the game, I wish I had gouged my eyes out.

I mean, Andrea Bargnani played 21:30 of uninspired, untradeable garbage ball. That's how bad it was.

For This Loss, We Can Thank...

Tenacity and grit.

When the going went tough, Memphis really got going. They were tearing the ball out of the hands of our players and playing with the drive to win. You saw it when Zach Randolph rebounded the ball. You saw it when they got their steals.


Alan Anderson kept the Raptors in it as the Lone Gunman. Making three pointer after three pointer, Anderson kept the Raptors in the game.

You could argue he tried to do too much down the line, but as the only shooter making any shots, he had to keep trying to hunt down his shot.


Everyone not named Alan Anderson or Amir Johnson. It got pretty horrific from a shooting standpoint, and let's not even get started on rebounds and assists. The Raptors pretty much well fell apart by playing a much stronger and rougher team.

Of particular note was Andrea Bargnani's paltry two rebounds and zero points for his 21+ minutes of action. He even played a chunk of the game as the Raptors lone big man on the floor and still only managed two rebounds. Maybe he was being showcased, but if anything, his trade value got even lower with this one.

Comment of the game:

Amir will lead us to victory

by Barflies on Feb 20, 2013 8:44 PM EST

Unless he manages to foul out

by Belisarius on Feb 20, 2013 8:45 PM EST

From the sidelines his spirit will guide us

by Barflies on Feb 20, 2013 8:46 PM EST

...into the locker room...

I am in an 'Ed Davis State of Mind'...

by Jenge on Feb 20, 2013 8:48 PM EST

We'll have the recap in the morning. Until then, walk it off guys!

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