We Have the Wheelchair Men Looking for Gold, Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Pangos, Justin Jackson and More in Canadian Content

We have the Wheelchair Men heading for a rematch with Australia for the Gold, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Olynyk on the Score, the Windsor Express get their court, Kevin Pangos on FIBA, Justin Jackson and more in this edition of Canadian Content ...

First we start off with some National Team news ...

Patrick Anderson is a once in a lifetime player ... Hoops star loves showcasing skills

Canada progresses to semis with win over Spain | EnergeticCity.ca

Paralympics: An Unprecedented Athletic Feat (Probably) - The Daily Fix - WSJ

InsideHalton Article: Wagner, Canada to play for gold

BBC Sport - Patrick Anderson - wheelchair basketball's changing man

Hedges and team Canada to play for gold medal | EnergeticCity.ca

A big shout to our Paralympic Men who are playing for the Gold medal on Saturday against Australia. Australia beat Canada for the Gold in 2008 so this will be a huge game to check out.

Jewells helps Canada to wheelchair hoop playoffs | The Chronicle Herald

Jewells' medal hopes shelved after 67-55 loss to United States - Basketball - Cape Breton Post

Big shout to Jay Irving for putting this great video of the Senior Men's camp together ... CANADA BASKETBALL - Senior Men's Training Camp on Vimeo

Now for some pro stuff ...

Looks like the Windsor Express is in business ... $125K basketball floor back in council's court - Windsor - CBC News

Council approves $300K in sports spending - Windsor - CBC News

Un retour à la maison pour Jean-Richard Volcy - Basketball - Courrier Laval

Big shout to another Slan Sports baller heading overseas ... Slan Sports Management | Player Profile – Yannick Anzuluni Signs One-Year Contract in Germany

Next up are some NC-Double-Eh looks ...

FIBA knows about Kevin ... CAN - Pangos part of a fresh start | FIBA.COM

Check out Marc Trasolini talking about his summer ... SCU Bronco Basketball Talks Summer Hoops - YouTube

And here is another great video from our man Jason Thom at the Score ... UpNext: Kelly Olynyk | Video | theScore.com

And last but not least we have some high school stories ...

I think this is a little overstated but what the hell we love hearing it ... JacketsOnline.com - Wiggins could be next big thing in hoops

A thanks to our people at NetScouts for compiling some of Young Wiggins' summer mixtapes ... NetScouts Basketball " Andrew Wiggins Mix Tapes

Looks like another Canuck has Kentucky interested ... Dominic Woodson, Teki Gill-Caesar to visit UK Saturday, coach says | Recruiting

Big shout to our peeps at Northpole Hoops for this look on Justin Jackson ... Justin Jackson – Canada’s Rising Phenom – OFFICIAL NPH Mixtape - northpolehoops.com

A nice look at rising female baller Emma Potter ... Potter makes magic at worlds | Other Sports | Sports | Winnipeg Sun

Check out his basketball family here ... Cowichan News Leader Pictorial - The Charles basketball family bounces around

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