Top 10 Reasons I DISLIKE Matt Devlin (Poll)

Yea, I said it. I dont like Matt Devlin. Everything from his crappy hair cut to his street slang, I cant stand his voice, his suits or his face.


Top 10 Things I cant stand about him:

1. His Call: I dont like how he calls the game. He is very predictable and monotone. "Shot, no." or his usual junk, "No Props Needed!" (that was funny for only the first week after the dunk contest) or "Do it to me!!" "Punjabi!" huh?
I yearn for the days of Chuck Swirsky yelling into the mic, "OMG What a sensational dunk by Vince Carter, he put that kid on a poster Leo! I felt that from here!"

2. His Singing: I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, that his singing was acceptable the first time he did it. But to sing a song every bloody game, are you kidding me? And the same songs to boot.

3. His Toronto References: I'm tired of this guy referring to Toronto as "Tee Oh". We dont call our city that. "TDOT" or "Taranna" please.

4. His Street Cred: Im convinced that Matt researches, "what are kids listening to this week" and tries to work it in. "Jack, didnt you hear Drakes new album? It's so dope" huh? STFU with your street cred. No one buys it.

5. His Back of the Bus Videos: Dont know if you all saw these vignettes, but he does these amateur interviews on the '2nd Bus', and they are so wack. They belong on RaptorsSpace with all the other POS videos.

6. Silence: Ok this is a hard one to include, because when Matt Devlin goes silent, its simultaneously a relief and also annoying.

7. Same Jokes: "Hey Leo, you're so old. Hey Leo, how's Syracuse? Hey Jack, wanna sing?" STFU. Bring some new material & up your game son! BTW Matt, stop punching Leo, that's not funny. I predict in 2013, Leo punches back!

8. Not Knowing the Score: Pretty much the only thing an announcer needs to remember, is the SCORE!

9. Twitter References: Matt wants you to know one thing, he is very popular on Twitter and he understands technology. Remind us one more time Matt, does Jack have a twitter account?

10. His Laugh: Unnecessarily creepy.

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