Andrew Nicholson Officially Impressed in Chicago

An ability to defend, a great shooting touch and some good measurements seem to have Andrew Nicholson on the lips of some media people not named Can Ball Ray ... Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

With the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago now over, Canadian Andrew Nicholson is looking more and more like a legit first round lock thanks in large part to the reviews he's been getting. Can Ball Ray found a few quotes from some credible sources that seem to say the same thing: This Nicholson kid could be heading for a guaranteed contract come October in the League ...

After the a couple of days of the Draft Combine, one thing continues to be evident: Andrew Nicholson is impressing every single person that happens to lay eyes on him.

There have been some tweets from Jeff Goodman and Chad Ford that have seemed to rave about Nicholson's performances but now there is some evidence of how well in writing! Below are two of the things I found last night just poking around ...

From Sean Deveney of the Sporting News who named Nicholson as the player who had benefited the second most from being at this season's combine:

Big winner, II

That would probably be St. Bonaventure’s Andrew Nicholson, whose spot in the first round is sewn up, and who could wind up climbing into the Top 20. Nicholson has already had some good workouts for low first-round teams and it has become no secret that he is coveted by the Thunder, Heat and the Celtics (who pick at No. 21 and 22).

But he has been in impressive in Chicago, and measured in at a healthy 6-9.5. The best part though is his extra-long wingspan, which came in at 7-4, and his hand size—10 inches in length (longest at the combine) and 10.75 in width. It is possible that Nicholson won’t even be around when the Celtics pick.

CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman continues his raving of Nicholson here naming him number six in the Winners of the Combine:

6) Andrew Nicholson - No one looked better in the workout setting than the former St. Bonnies star from Canada. He's so skilled -- and made shots from everywhere. At one point, I watched him drill 15 consecutive shots from just about every spot on the court. Strength is a concern at the next level, but he looked phenomenal in terms of his ability to score the ball in a variety of ways.

All this commentary does is solidify two very clear and distinct things to me: 1) Andrew Nicholson is still coming out as a player to people who may have underrated him and 2) he may be a better player than we may have even though possible.

Now that's scary.

We'll have to stay tuned for the next couple of weeks to see what could be a possible moving up the ranks of the NBA Draft. And this should be an exciting ride people.

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