Few Expansion Rumours Is Better Right Now for the NBL Canada

In more case, more is usually more. But in the case of expansion, less is definitely more when it comes to the lone Canadian basketball league.

Today is the last day for prospective owners looking to apply for an expansion team in their cities but will anyone new step up to the plate, or more appropriately to the line? Can Ball Ray gives his two cents on why less is more when it comes to NBL Canada expansion rumours ...

As I had mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago on NBL Canada expansion, I like the idea of expanding at a small, controlled pace until the magic year three has come and gone and I'm sure that the braintrust at the league's head office are aware of the mistakes of other leagues when it comes to rapid expansion. But will there be anymore people looking to make a play for a team in the league right now?

My guess is there will be few.

There has been talk of a team in Kitchener-Waterloo, St. Catherines and Hamilton as possible expansion sites but there have been no other mentions of new locations, at least publicly. And I think this is a very good thing.

The lure of bringing a pro team, no matter what level or league, is always an intriguing proposition to the fans and potential owner alike. Those in the ownership seat are looking at making a buck while fans are expecting bang for their buck and in the case of minor league basketball, the situations have not always been harmonized.

I think the NBLC has done a great job of ensuring that the overall product from city to city has been pretty uniform and the games haven't been compromised by off court situations. This is the league's credibility right now and the lack of a hoard of cities clamouring for a franchise should not be a reflection of the league itself.

In fact, I like that there are few rumours of teams popping up all over the place and I think that the few mentions of new locations is a credit to the NBLC doing their due diligence and valuing the league over the quick buck. This tells me that there is a certain method to their operations and it gives me confidence in their ability to provide a lasting brand.

If there is to be a new team, or teams, next season then great. I know I've thought that one new team would be more than enough to even out the league to eight right now and I'll not be privy to the league's decision making process. But I don't know that they will not be in it for the quick infusion of capital and a potential blemish on their reputation.

In this case, fewer is definitely better in my opinion.

UPDATE: Of course when I post this story I find this story too. Looks like there could be more than one new team next season.

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