Myck Kabongo a.k.a. Yung Swag is Nice on the Mic

Myck Kabongo is no stranger to being in front of a mic but as Yung Swag, that time in front of the mic is a little different now. (Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE)

Toronto bred Texas Longhorn point guard Myck Kabongo has the game on the court but did you know he has game on the mic too?

Neither did we.

I recall that there were stories like this one that circulated early in his freshman season that stated he was into controlling the mic but I left it at that. Figuring that he was a part performer due to his college basketball season I was a little surprised that he dropped a full length mixtape.

Under the moniker Yung Swag, Kabongo has dropped his mixtape (the first one we've heard of anyway) last week and I've had the chance to really listen to it and I have to say it's not a bad first offering. The mixtape is what it is but Kabongo's flow is pretty nice. He uses witty punchlines and he has good cadence to match his beats.

If I have to compare his style to anyone, which I hate doing with music and players, I would say that his style right now is comparable to that of some of the newer cats out like an A$AP Rocky where flow matches the slow, catchy beats he uses on his songs. But don't get me wrong, he is not an A$AP clone. Kabongo, or Swag, has a flow his own that is smooth and likable.

My only real critique of the mixtape is that there was a lot of guest spots and they went primarily to Swag's boy from Blake St. D-Bonez who put out that tune Kabongo Time last year. I get putting your boy on but I would have liked to have seen Swag carry more tunes on his own.

The biggest surprise of the whole thing isn't that he can hold his own on the mic, if you've ever met him you'd expect his outgoing and incredibly big genuine personality to allow for this type of endeavour, but it's that Texas alum and curretn OKC star Kevin Durant is on the track Texas which is one of the better songs on the tape (Who would've thought that the Durantula had some flow? Could use work though).

I've only heard the mixtape all the way through twice so it may grow off me but for right now I'm liking it quite a bit. I'd say check out the mixtape yourself and make your own judgement though.

My Fave Tracks: Texas, Big Dreams, Moving On, One Hit

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