"Nashing" our teeth...

So it's no new news that Steve Nash didn't demand a trade from the Suns, he's just too nice and polite and loyal for that. But when he becomes a free agent, there are likely to be a number of teams making a run at him for a 2 or 3 year deal to push them "over the top" and vie for a title.

It has been rumoured that the Raptors have high interest in making him an offer, writing a nice little tidy storybook ending to his career and legacy, retiring back in good ole homeland Canada.

It would appear from past experience that Steve would like a Championship if one fell in his lap, but that he doesn't have the need to chase one to feel fulfilled about his career. That being said would he get more enjoyment out of wrapping up his legacy in the land of the free and the home of Steve Nash or from a good heavy chunk of jewellery on his finger?

I suspect he would hold more stock in retiring north of the border after giving the lone Canadian franchise the boost to it's playoff chances and history than he would from finally getting a banner hung.

So, I believe we have a viable shot at acquiring him if we made that push.

But my question is, do we want to do that?

It would be a nice story, and Steve can still play well even though he was at dirt's first birthday party.

We could trade Jose for something and use Steve to be our general and teach our future PG. I would say that Steve could even be had for cheaper than Jose's last year of his deal or at least very close to it.

Could Steve get through to Bayless better than Jose has? I would say that at this point Bayless has probably taken all that he is ever going to from Jose and that Steve might offer a different angle that would push him further.

And Steve would be a better mentor for a young drafted future PG as his Hall of fame status gives instant credibility that Jose just doesn't match.

Add the other bonus of big name players really liking the idea of playing alongside Nash and it just may be the lure we need to spend the rest of our money on a real honest to goodness Star that is willing to "suffer" some of his career in the freezer.

I know that he likely wouldn't be around or at least contributing much by the time we're built for a proper run, but I think he just may bring some assets to our ledger that can boost the timetable AND quality of our rebuild.

I really would like to know what you guys think.

Should Captain Canada finally suit up in the red and white?

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