outside the top 5

As the season progress the Raps look less and less likely to pick in the top 5. So for fun (since I'm a masochist) i thought I'd look at Raps picks outside the top 5. (left out traded players)

1995 - #7 - Damon Stoudamire Verdict: Lots of firsts for Toronto here. First pick, first rookie of the year, first potential 'star' player, first 'star' player to want out of Toronto, first player to say wanting out was a mistake. Not my type of PG, but all that aside still a good pick

#35 Jimmy King Verdict: went on to have a great career as a wrestling announcer

1997 - #9 - Tracy McGrady Verdict: One of Toronto's best selections in history. Phenomenal player who unfortunately (or for those who dislike him; fortunately) went on to suffer from the disease of chockage and injuritis. At one point considered one of the top players in the league. While a shell of his former self he still finds a way to contribute in the NBA.

1999 - #12 - Aleksander Radojevic Verdict : The start of something not so special. That is, Toronto's relatively consistent ability to make terrible draft picks.

2000 - #21 - Mo Pete Verdict: ok well maybe he already proves my last statement wrong but he's the outlier here. Solid NBA player that contributed. Toronto's iron man, which turned into a wet noodle when he wasn't re-signed. Still at #21 a good pick.

#46 - Deeandre Hulett Verdict: this is what happens when you select someone who played at College of the Sequoias. Yes I looked it up, apparently it does exist. Either that or Deeandre stuck with his complicated and elaborate lie.

2001 - #17 - Michael Bradley Verdict : 5 teams in 5 years. Parlayed that into becoming a kick ass sports agent. Atleast it worked out for someone.

2003 - #52 - Remon Van de Hare Verdict : There are only 2 types of people I hate. 1) those who are intolerant towards others of a different race or nationality 2) the dutch

2004 - #8 - Rafael Araujo Verdict : .................................................. #9 Andre Igoudala #15 Al jefferson #17 Josh Smith.................... Babcock!

# 48 - Pape Sow Verdict : Destroyed the D-league then broke his neck. Thats how things work out for the Raps.

2005 - #7 - Charlie V. Verdict : Ok this is a special year. Not one, not two, not 3, but 4 busts! Great way to start a tear down and rebuild. In fairness to Charlie V. he is still playing in the NBA. Ofcourse he sucks and is terribly overpaid to suck. But he's still playing.

#16 - Joey Graham Verdict : His career can probably be summed up in that Raps commercial with Jose "Joey. Joey. JOEY!"

#41 - Roko Ukic and #58 - Uros Slokar Verdict : I'm lumping them together because no one cares.

2006 - #35 - PJ Tucker Verdict : Spent most of the year in the d-league and then was waived for Luke Jackson. Seriously, waived to make room for Luke Jackson.

2009 - #9 - Demar Derozan Verdict : during last nights game against Washington, Jack Armstrong was discussing how Jan Vesley was athletic and long, but a had no definitive basketball skills. That a player needs a skill in order to contribute to a team. Shooting, passing, shot blocking, rebounding, ball handling etc. Jan Vesley does not have a skill. Not a single one. See where I'm going with this?

2010 - #13 - Ed Davis. Verdict : Good rookie year. Disappointing sophmore year so far. Probably never an all-star, but looked like he would have a long NBA career as a productive player. This year? Not so much.

#50 - Solomon Alabi Verdict : An African brought to America, bought by a white business man and sent to the farm (team). With the growth of the tea party in the US they don't even need to try and hide it anymore.

So there you go, in all its glory, Toronto's ability to make efficient selections outside the top 5. There is a silver lining here I think though. The law of averages would seem to indicate that the Raps are now due for a good draft outside the top 5. Right?

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