Bryan Colangelo: Pay Attention. Here We Go!

First off I would just like to start by saying, I'm not really a raptors fan, I'm just a basketball fan, I love a bunch of teams and hate others (The Lakers). Here is what it's going to take to save the Raptors:

1: Trade Demar Derozan and (Jaryd Bayless, Rasual Butler or Gary Forbes) to Now Orleans for Chris Kaman and (Ariza, Summers or Vazquez) Cap releif for the Hornets + they get Demar Derozan while he still has some value. Sign Kaman to a 3 year deal around 6-7 Mil a year.

2: Find a way to get Shannon Brown from Phoenix, I don't know how or who you have to trade but he can't be worth that much he was a FA and landed in Phoenix.

3: Throw all the money we have at Wilson Chandler and Eric Gordon in the off season. (Obviously if we got Ariza no need to sign Chandler)

4: Use Ed Davis as bait to try and get another 1st round pick, regardless of where it is in this deep draft.

Making our roster for the start of 2013:

PG: Jose Calderon, Draft pick received in Ed Davis trade, AC

SG: Eric Gordon, Raptors draft pick, Vazquez or Forbes

SF: Wilson Chandler or Ariza, Shannon Brown, James Johnson

PF: Andrea Bargani, Amir Johnson

C: Chris Kaman, Jonas Valuncunias, Alabi

Not only are these moves realistic, they keep the Raptors young, we get bigger, we platoon a respectable platoon at 3 and we become a much much deeper basketball team all the while maintaining our defense for coach Dwayne Casey.

The Hornets want cap relief and want to get rid of Kaman, we need a respectable C in case Valunciunas starts slow.

Shannon Brown really can't be that hard to pry away from Phoenix.

We keep our 2012 pick + we add another while getting rid of 1 of the 2 Amir Johnsons we have on this team (Ed Davis)

There are going to be injury concerns regarding Gordon, TAKE THE RISK, what do we have to lose!

And Wilson Chandler could start for a number of teams in the NBA why not the Raptors!!!!!!

There you have it Bryan, really not that hard, and since you already tanked the season this year trade Derozan and start Forbes.

I know there will be some haters out there but this is actually quite realistic and not very far off at all.

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