Could Davis, Drummond or Sullinger Be On The Board When The Raptors Make Their Pick?

Right now the Raptors are sitting with the fifth most ping-pong balls behind

1. Charlotte with 3 wins

2. New Orleans with 6 wins

3. Washington with 7 wins

4. New Jersey with 8 wins

5. Raptors and Pistons with 9 wins. However, the Pistons are playing a bit better as of late winning five of their last 10 games.

The Raptors are 3 - 15 without Bargnani. Their winning percentage of .167 without Bargnani is the second worst in the NBA. We have no idea when Bargnani will return. So for the sake of argument lets say the ping-pong balls fall according to who has the most and the Raptors wind up with the fifth pick in June.

The current top five potential June draftees according to Draft Express are:

1. Anthony Davis

2. Andre Drummond

3. Harrison Barnes

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

5. Jared Sullinger

Under the above scenario Charlotte picks #1. Biyombo is playing pretty good at Center averaging 6 PPg and 7 RPG in his 6 or so starts and he should only continue to get better. He is a lot stronger than Davis who will definitely need to put on a lot more weight to handle the NBA Centers. On the other hand Charlotte is starting ancient Corey Maggette at SF. So if I was Charlotte I pick either Barnes or MKG and not Davis or Drummond.

New Orleans picks second. They have Okafer at Center and Ariza at SF. Both have contracts through 2013-14. Kaman is coming in off the bench but he will be a free agent after this season. New Orleans has no one at PF so they could very well pick Sullinger with the #2 pick

Washington has Javale McGee at Center who while not steller is still young (just turned 24) and is averaging 12 and 9 along with 3 blocks per game. I can't see Davis doing better than that. . Not very likely that they waste a draft pick on Davis or Drummond the latter who is still a project.. The Wiz are starting Chris Singleton at SF so ISTM that they take either Barnes or MKG depending on who Charlotte picks.

New Jersey picks fourth. They have Brook Lopez so I don't see them drafting a Davis or Drummond. The Nets have Humphries at PF who is averaging a double-double for the second consecutive year. The Nets also desperately need a SF. The next SF on Draft Express Big Board after Barnes and MKG is Terrence Jones who is at #11. However, Draft Express has Perry Jones III who can play both Center and PF listed as #7 just behind Thomas Robinson of Kansas a PF . So it is possible that the Nets could pick either Jones or Jones LOL..

Preferring Perry Jones III over Drummond or Davis because Perry Jones III can play either PF or Center and would initially make a nice first Big off of the bench at either Center or PF. Neither Davis nor Drummond can play PF so PJ III would give the Nets more flexibility on their front line than drafting either Drummond or Davis.

The Raptors are up next with Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, Tyler Zeller, Thomas Robinson PF, John Henson PF, Terrence Jones SF along with two SGs Bradley Beal and Jeremy Lamb still available form the Draft Express current top 12.

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