The Toronto Raptors Drinking Game


If you are currently “suffering” from alcoholism or have attended rehab in the past than it might be best to avoid this post. You have been warned.

The Toronto Raptors are out of action for a couple of days and we decided to try out something a little different with our spare time. It’s been a long few years for Raptors fans. Toronto hasn’t seen playoff basketball in a long time and watching some of the the teams that MLSE have rolled out in recent years has probably caused some serious stress.

Everyone needs to unwind once in a while. I now present the Toronto Raptors Drinking Game (patent pending). These rules have been designed to be applied alongside a healthy amount of beer. I do not suggest playing with straight alcohol unless you have a liver of steel.

There is room for interpretation with some of the rules and that is purpose. Debate it over with your friends and figure out where to go from there. I sincerely hope nobody plays this game alone.

You Have a Sip
- Jack Armstrong says anything slightly quirky. This can include "jimmy", "big fella" or "taking on the numbers."
- A Primo Pasta commercial comes on during the break
- The impact of Kyle Lowry is mentioned.
- Landry Fields turns the ball over or misses a shot.
- Jonas Valanciunas puts his arms up to show everyone that he didn’t actually foul his opponent.
- Jose Calderon holds up both hands and does his "I just made a 3 pointer, now watch me give up an uncontested layup" celebration.

You Take a Gulp:
- Jack Armstrong says "get that garbage out of here" or if he starts singing.
- Devlin badgers Jack about not having Twitter or comments on his general disdain for technology.
- Devlin says something questionable. (This happens more than you think.)
- Devlin calls a player by a peculiar name after they make a big play, says "bang on" or "it’s a two" when a player’s foot is on the 3 point line.
- A Raptors’ player misses a free throw
- Free pizza is mentioned during conversation
- A questionable refereeing decision is made
- Andrea Bargnani grabs a rebound.
- Dominic McGuire scores a basket.

Finish Your Beer (even if you just opened it)
- Devlin goes "how you like me now?"
- A player or member of the coaching staff gets a technical foul
- The Raptors win

Well this should add a little bit of absurdity to the game threads.There will be Leo Rautins rules added in the near future. If you have something that we missed out on than please leave it in the comments!

Oh, and Amir Johnson’s new mixtape is available for the world to download. I just wanted to throw that out there. Sources can confirm that the one and only Adam Francis might be covering a couple of the tracks for the Raptors HQ YouTube channel.

Have a great Thursday, folks.

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