Why Haven't We Seen Jonas Paired With Amir?

Now I will say I only watched three of the Raptors seven preseason games but I don't recall Jonas and Amir on the court together during those three games. I have also followed the other four games on Yahoo Sports NBA play by play. I don't recall seeing Jonas and Amir paired during any of those four games, though they could have for very short periods of time.

Given that Amir is naturally a PF I was pondering the question. Now there are lot of possible answers to it some more plausible than others.

1. Bargnani has to start. Fine I can understand that but what about later on in the game?

2. Davis is Bargnani's backup. True enough but Davis only played 12 minutes in the last three preseason games combined, due to a minor hip injury.

3. Both Amir and Jonas foul a lot (true especially when Amir plays Center) but at PF Amir has become fairly good at keeping his fouls down to respectible level per 36 minutes. So the Raptors don't want to chance Amir picking up some fouls at PF limiting his court time as Jonas backup during the same game. However, as bad as Gray was in preseason he can still rebound better than Amir

4. Amir's shooting has not progressed enough at this point for him to be able to spread the floor leaving the lane and paint uncluttered with Raptors when Jonas plays. However, we have seen Ed play alongside Jonas and Amir for sure is a better outside shooter than Ed.

I am sure people could come up with other plausible reasons. In anycase I tweeted one of the Raptors local beat writers the following question. "Why haven't we seen Amir play alongside Jonas" Notice I specifically said play and not start. The anwswer I got was interesting.

"Casey doesn't want to get fired"

So for those of us who were hoping to see Jonas and Amir playing alongside each other for any serious minutes if any minutes at all, I think we can forget it, at least for 12-13.

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