The 2014-15 Toronto Raptors. With Love and Hope.

Every opportunity I get, I'm pimping the idea of trading for good picks for 2013 and 14. Calderon, now. DeMar if he continues to improve his game and his value, maybe at the end of the season. Bargs once he's upped his value by scoring 20 (+?) this year. Kleiza.


Next summer is the chance to snag PG Myck Kabongo, and not because he's Canadian, but because I haven't seen passing like his since Nash was in his prime. The kid can make his offence dance.

Heading into his sophomore year in Texas he has plenty to work on. Strength (the common refrain), judgement (ditto), and shooting. It's not so much that he can't shoot, apparently, although a reliable jumper and an outside shot wouldn't hurt, as much as it is that he doesn't, electing instead to dish to his mates.

Drafting him in 2013 will give him a chance to develop his shooting, build some bulk, and take notes while he watches Lucas and Lowry. He could be ready to play, and play bloody well, in 2014-15.

On balance of current rumours, Andrew Wiggens, of whom we're all more than aware, is likely to come up in 2014. It occurs that one reason BC might be dragging his feet on moving Jose is that Andrew has yet to declare whether he's graduating from high school this summer or next.

Wiggens is the prize, and it behooves the team to shoot for him, at least as much as the chance of landing Nash was worth THAT effort. The right trade to the right team -- Charlotte, Washington, Orlando, Sacramento, New Orleans -- or enough first rounders in that draft to bargain with, and...

Now that we've seen that Jonas isn't going to be fouling out of games 10 minutes in, by the 2014-15 season he will be reaching the early rungs of his stardom ladder. That would give the Raptors three all-stars or rising stars in Wiggens, who'll be ready quickly, Jonas, and Kabongo. In what will be his third year in the league, Terrence should have become the solid role player that many see him as.

That only leaves the 4. In two years, at 25, will Ed have fleshed out into that player? An elite rebounder who can score, provide some offensive punch, and play 30 minutes of solid defence? Will he still be with the Raptors? Don't know. We should have a solid enough role player there, though, by then, whether as Free Agent, a trade, or what have you.

With some luck and intelligence, and a bench as good as Amir, Lucas, Anderson and Gray could be this year, this is doable. I've no idea what BC's plans are, or, really, if he even has one, but in two years time, with a mix of all-stars, rising stars, and solid role players, the Raptors could be serious contenders. Then, and for some years to follow.

Just sayin'.

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