TORONTO and NEW YORK as trading partners.

Lots of rumblings about trades and i'm sure lots more coming till deadline day. I believe no trade will ever happen, mainly because of New York, but we have a few reasons on our end too.

Reason one is the biggest of all, Mike D'Antoni. This great offensive minded coach hasn't had Baron Davis to run his offence to see if these stars can co-exist. So i'd be surprised they would pull the trigger on a trade for a starting point guard anytime soon. Knowing this and assuming Baron has little impact, its likely its D'Antoni who'd get fired before players were moved. Cue Phil Jackson. If Mr. D'Antoni survives to see 2013 as New Yorks coach, he will certainly push for reason two.

Reason two, Mike covets Nash. Why trade 2 players to pry someone's point guard, when for 3, you get Steve Nash. Certainly Phoenix isn't letting him walk for nothing, knowing that, his value is tops before this deadline. But New York won't put up big for Nash YET because of reason number 3.

Reason three, the Knicks are potentially the leading candidate to land Dwight Howard. Nash can be great for you for 2-3 more years, but Dwight can give you a decade of service. Now Orlando isn't introducing Dwight in their home all star game in any other jersey but a magic one, but their taking calls the day after. Its a bidding war till close to that march 15th deadline, one the knicks could win because of reason 4.

Reason four, New York could get "melo'd out". Landing Dwight becomes easier if Carmelo Anthony is made available. Chris Paul and Carmelo are friends so lob city could be the third team. All trades for New York are pending Baron's abilities, D'Antoni's coaching status, Dwight's cost, Nash's and Carmelo's availability.

As for Toronto, we're settled on running our two seven footers at the league next year. Dumping Kleiza puts a bad taste in Jonas Valanciunas mouth, so he's a keeper. James Johnson plays D like coach Casey loves, so he's staying. So its a guard we draft this year, which makes any one of Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Jerryd Bayless or Leandro Barbosa available.

Reason one for us, we have no solution at point guard if we trade Jose, even if we take a young PG, we still need someone for two years, and even if the kids a stud, Jose is a great offensive punch off the bench. So no movement on our guard situation till reason two happens.

Reason two a complete assesment of Demar. If we're keeping him, goodbye Leandro. Barbosa is the only trade to NY that i could see happening, as a former D'Antoni player they'll be interested but only if all big trades fall through. If Derozan play stinks come trade deadline, then Barbosa stays and we draft a future playmaking shooting guard. I like Demar, therefore LB goes, but not until reason three.

Reason 3, Amir or Ed? Gray might stick as a backup center, with heavy minutes given to Bargnani, its too much trade value to have sitting. But we want something in return, i'm sure we'll throw in Jerryd or Barbosa if the return is valid.

Seems like i've painted this no trade with NY scenario, so here's my hopeful angle of how it could happen. NY lands Dwight using Anthony as trade bait, making Tyson Chandler available for a backup big and a decent guard and Toronto obliges. Or NY lands no one, Baron works out enough that they give us a good deal for Barbosa to sub in for Melo. Don't particularily want Tyson but i'd take the talent for backups.

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